Rihanna Nearly Spills Out Of Her Tiny Bikini Top During Late Night Swim — Pic


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November 20, 2019 10:05PM EST

Rihanna took to Instagram on Nov. 20 to share a series of eye-catching photos of herself, including some where she’s showing off a tiny bikini in a pool, to help promote her Fenty fashion line.

Rihanna, 31, loves a late night swim and she knows how to look good doing it! The singer shared several new photos of herself on Instagram on Nov. 20 and in them, she’s revealing a lot of skin. The post was to help promote her fashion and accessories line, FENTY, and what better person to model the choices than the creator herself? In some of the pics, RiRi can be seen wearing a tiny bikini underneath a loose button-down green, black and yellow patterned shirt as she walks around a pool and in another, she’s taking a photo in the same getup from the chest up, revealing cleavage. She’s also rocking some brown and black sunglasses in all the photos.”#trouble on,” she captioned the post.

Rihanna’s fans shared some positive comments when responding to her headline-making pics. “I love you, you look amazing and I’m sooooo proud of youuuuuu,” one enthusias

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