Jason Derulo Claps Back After Instagram Removes His ‘Anaconda’ Pic: ‘I Can’t Help My Size’

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December 3, 2019 10:06PM EST

You couldn’t argue with Jason Derulo, who gave an excellent reason on why his steamy portrait shouldn’t have been removed for ‘nudity or sexual activity.’ Don’t worry, Jason’s ‘anaconda’ photo is back on the ‘gram.

As Sir Mix-a-Lot would say, Jason Derulo’s anaconda don’t want none (grief from Instagram, that is). The 30-year-old R&B singer got into trouble with the social media platform after sharing a shirtless photo that highlighted his generously-endowed package, which he endearingly called his “anaconda,” on Nov. 22. Apparently, Jason’s anaconda — or general lack of clothing — was too much for Instagram’s “community guidelines” to handle, because administrators took down the post due to “nudity or sexual activity.” Jason shared a screenshot [SEEN HERE] of the alert to his Instagram on Dec. 3, but didn’t heed the warning.

In the very next slide, Jason re-uploaded the same shirtless portrait — his “anaconda” still a brilliant outline against the mist of a forest backdrop — and had a message for Instagram. “F*k u mean? I have underwear on… I can’t help my size..,” Jason captioned the post, disagreeing with Instagram’s accusation of causing nudity-related mischief online. Well, it’s true — Jason can’t really be blamed here.

Fans were just as appalled as the singer. “What?? They know they’re afraid of a true King,” one fan commented, and another wrote, “Haters for sure.” Despite the recent uproar, Jason’s thirst trap was act

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