‘Marriage Boot Camp’: Corey Feldman Suffers A Painful Injury While Fighting With Aaron Carter



December 6, 2019 10:00PM EST

Corey Feldman was injured during the Dec. 6 episode of ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition’, when he slipped and hit his knee on the tile floor during a squabble with Aaron Carter.

Corey Feldman, 48, nearly broke down in tears during the Dec. 6 episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition, but it wasn’t because of his ongoing struggles with his brother, Eden. This time around, it was because he slammed his knee into the tile floor after chasing Aaron Carter, 31, around the house. The incident started when Corey started playfully teasing Aaron about his smoking habit. Unfortunately for him, things quickly escalated and Corey ended up with a pretty painful injury.

“We were talking crap about your smoking habits,” Corey told Aaron after Aaron peeked inside the dining room to see what Corey was saying behind his back. “I know what you’re talking about pal,” Aaron responded before Corey threw some shade at the pop star. “Go light ’em up”, he said. But Aaron wasn’t phased by Corey’s diss. Instead, he shot back, “I could still kick your a** though”. And that prompted Corey to get up from the dining room table an

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