Watch Out for the Expected Revelation in Outlander Season 6

And it’s about time that it should happen.

First of all, you should know that Season 6 has been delayed, and perhaps it will be further delayed. The start of principal photography, which was scheduled in early May, had to be postponed due to the pandemic restrictions, and now the plan is to hit the grounds running in early 2021.

And since the shooting has not even begun, It is very difficult to predict when we will be able to finally see the sixth season. We might get a better idea when we are a few months into the shooting. Meanwhile, you can theorize similar to what Ksuri422 has done on Reddit.

The account holder has exposited how the creators can attempt to unravel a strange mystery in Season 6, a mystery that has fascinated all the fans for many seasons.

First of all, let me give you some gist of what we are talking about here. In the very first episode of Season 1, Frank Randall sees a man, we never actually saw the face of the man, but the fact that he was staring at Claire Fraser clearly indicates that the mysterious gentleman is none other than Jamie Fraser (a husband of Claire from the 18th century). Furthermore, Frank Randall becomes petrified when he sees him, almost as if he has seen some kind of a ghost.

Diana Gabaldon (author of the Outlander books) has confirmed the fact that the man Frank Randall sees in the very first episode of the show is indeed Jamie Fraser. This is where the mystery deepens. We all know that Jamie Fraser’s soul is incapable of traveling through time, then how can we see him in 1946? Furthermore, the author has also revealed that the age of Jamie’s ghost is actually not more than 25 years old, then how we see a middle-aged man as Jamie Fraser in Season 5 of the Outlander.

Ksuri 422 has extrapolated on Reddit that Jamie died as soon as Claire time-traveled back to the past. His ghost had arrived only to convince Claire to come back to the past so that she can forewarn  Jamie about his incoming merciless death at the hands of redcoats. Ksuri’s theory suggests that Jamie’s ghost was almost successful in his plan had it not been for Claire’s warning to stop him.

He adds that Claire went back in time when the stones at the Craigh na Dun were at the peak of their power, so he thinks that ghosts could have traveled through time in that time period, and that might be the reason why Jamie and Claire’s connection is so strong.

Claire saved Jamie by using the magic of stones.

One cannot blindly believe in any theories these days. Some have even suggested that Jamie had died during the Battle of Culloden, and his soul got stuck in some sort of time loop after that. Season 6 can give us some more clues regarding the death of Jamie, but we should remind ourselves that his death is a pivotal mystery element in the whole story, and Diana Gabaldon has made it clear that it will only be resolved in the final book of the whole saga.

Source-Watch Out for the Expected Revelation in Outlander Season 6


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