Hip Hop Subgenres You Should Know When You Purchase Beats

Ever since its inception, hip hop has enraptured youngsters with its rhythmic style. But many fans seem to disagree with each other on what counts as hip hop and what doesn’t. It’s because many artists have added their styles to the genre over the years and established various subgenres. Each subgenre sounds so different from the other, that you might find it hard to believe that they belong to the same category. Many of them are extensions of a different subgenre or the result of a fusion between hip hop and other styles. Knowing the differences between these subgenres can help you find the best options if you want to buy hip hop beats exclusive to your video.

Popular Hip Hop Subgenres

Mumble Rap

Also called SoundCloud rap, this style is one of the more recent styles that became popular in the 2010s on SoundCloud. Unlike other hip hop styles where lyrics play the key role, here the artists focus more on creating a feel-good mood with a combination of music and unclear delivery of lyrics. It’s more popular among the younger listeners than those used to older styles.

Cloud Rap

Not to be confused with SoundCloud rap, the cloud-style has a hazy feel to it and is composed using lo-fi production. The beats tend to be dream-like and have long notes. Artists tend to use abstract and deliberately unusual lyrics to match the beats. You should check out cloud rap when you buy hip hop beats exclusive to your video if you want a dreamy effect.

Conscious Rap

This term would apply to any hip hop work you might consider woke for its time. Many rappers prefer the term alternative rap instead. The rapper focuses on social issues or self-awareness. The lyrics tend to be advanced and well researched. The production style tends to be smooth and laid-back.


No one seems to agree whether rap is a separate genre, is the same as hip hop or one of its subgenres. What differentiates rap from hip hop, in general, is rap’s more serious tone. To define it in short, rap is a combo of poetry and rhythm.

Frat Rap

This style is all about the party culture popular among college-goers. It has a carefree feel to it that often covers alcohol, drugs and sex. Its beats take cues from EDM, lullabies and ‘50s rock.

Gangsta Rap

Popular in the 90s, gangsta rap focuses on subjects related to the gangster lifestyle, either in the form of glorification of the lifestyle or to convey the realistic impact of gang violence on those who witness it. This style has left a huge impact on hip hop that can be felt even today. You can purchase beats online in gangsta style for the old school feel.

Rap Rock

This fusion happened from rock bands collaborating with rappers and rappers using rock sample music. As the name suggests, artists emphasize a lot on guitar riffs and rapping the lyrics instead of singing them.

Emo Rap

Most people think of rap as aggressive and macho, emo rap subverts this with by showcasing the genre’s sensitive side. Artists tend to use the lyrical and musical themes of emo rock and combine it with rap to get the melancholic heart-wrenching effect.


The boom-bap style gets its name from the boom of the drums and the bap of the snare. But other than the gritty, hard-hitting drum beats, its main emphasis is on the lyrics. Rappers use strong storytelling techniques and hard-hitting beats to immerse their listeners into the song and have them bobbing their heads along.


The trap music has roots in Southern hip-hop of the ‘90s and gets its name from trap houses where drug deals take place. Trap artists usually talk of drugs, violence and harsh experiences growing up on the streets. If you want to purchase beats that add an aggressive feel to your production then you should check out trap themes.


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