Destined to be Friends….!!

I have a normal routine. I wake up in the afternoon, have my breakfast at 2 p.m., take a bath at 3 p.m. and again go to sleep..I, then wake up at 7 p.m., have my lunch and surf useless sites on the internet( come on guys.. we know they are not useless) and then chit chat with my buddies through sms and social networking sites. As soon as the clock ticks 12 a.m. i get a notification that my mom has left the dinner in the kitchen and i need to eat it. At 5 a.m. i feel sleepy and then i see nothing but my bed. I lie down and i recall all the good i did the whole noon and night. The only thing i recollect is chatting with friends. I try to recall their names and their faces. Then i try to recollect the names of all those who are worthy enough to be given a ‘really good friend' status. Finally, just when my eyes are on the verge of closing, i come across with one question: ‘What the hell is friendship?' People have their own ways of defining frienship. My take is not very different, i think friendship is nothing but a bond that a group of people share. It can be strong or it can be very strong and as we know every statement has an exception: It can be very very strong! That exception can only find its existense between two people. The way they communicate, the way they understand each other, the way they know what's cooking in one's mind, the way they miss each other but are not gutsy enough to speak about it(afraid of being called gay!) and finally the way they come to know how the other is feeling by just having a look into the eye! I'm sure everyone(including you) have that exceptional friend( and if not, then don't worry, i'm available). Now the question arises, why am i talking about friendship when a lot has been spoken over it. The answer is very predicatble. I'm missing that exceptional friend of mine. I entered my new classroom in my new school on 17th April, 2004( yes! i can never forget this date). New faces, new walls, new books, new environment and ofcourse new teachers( sorry for mentioning the word ‘teacher' in this post). I was kinda afraid( naah! me afraid! eh?). Trying to sound studious i enquired about the topper of the previous class so i could go and get acquainted with him. Satwik Sharma, yes that was the name i was told. An ordinary looking guy with a semi-serious look sat on the first row. Little did i know that someday i'd get an opportunity of complaining god for not making him my blood brother. So, Satwik Sharma, an unsolved enigma he is, a person with a heart of gold, a person with the brain of all the brainiacs, yet a person with very ordinary looks.( that wasn't needed but then i don't want all of you to start praising him; makes me feel jealous). Blame his luck or praise my destiny, he turned out to be my be neighbour. I was learning to drive scooter then, so i used to go at his place everyday, and chat for almost an hour. Such was his gesture, despite knowing the fact that i was a certified moron and really bad at studies, he never refused to talk or never made excuses for getting me out of his house. My bonding with him became stronger gradually, we started going to coaching classes together and i have to admit it guys, that was the period we used to have unlimited fun. Shouting on empty roads( ok, sometimes roads weren't empty and mostly the one shouting was me), driving Activa in the most crazy way we could ever think, stopping at unusual places and peeing, eating different kinds of shit at different kinds of road side stalls, sharing our daily routine with each other and yeah some times we used to discuss studies too( means he used to teach me whenever we used to have tests). Sitting with him in the class also was a different experience. It was only then i used to realize how intelligent he is. Just listening to his conversation with the teachers taught me more than the textbooks. And yeah, sitting with him in the tests also helped me a lot. Time passed, we went to three different coaching centers in three years, and yeah riding with him on all these days was an unforgettable experience, time came when we had to part ways. No, we did not go to different colleges. I opted for a college and he decided to drop an year to perform better the next year. Since, being labelled as genius by everyone, expectations were high from him. But, due to some reasons, his result was not upto the mark( as people say, but the fact was that his was better than almost of all us'). He could easily have got a very good college with his rank but he wanted ‘better'. So, unfortunately we had to part ways( anyways i could never have managed the score he got), but we stayed in touch although i kept in mind not to disturb him as i really wanted him to get a better rank and college the next year. Results out, he got a very prestigious institute and that was the day when i predicted, the teaching staff will soon come to know what a gem they have in their college. Years have passed, both of us have become mature( mostly me! and that too in a very little way) but our bond has only become stronger. Although our way of talking is still the same and so is everything. I look upto him for any problem i get stuck into and like always he is the man for my rescue. I share all my joys and sorrows with him and i wish our ‘bond' becomes stronger exponentially. See, someone has rightly said that the invention of short message service in mobile phones is nothing but a curse, one tends to think so much just because of normal sms chatting. And then, again I wake up in the afternoon and i pass my day in the same way as stated above.


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Written by Lebnox


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