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What is the most unique thing about Varanasi? Your reply would be any of these: paan,saari,ghaat,morning street breakfast,thandai,temples etc. Some would also dare to say Malls. So, i request all of you to go through this
incident before you make up your mind..

Once upon a time on a very hot, busy and normal afternoon I was driving my way through the traffic to drop my mom at her workplace. I accomplished my initial task of dropping her successfully. Then, I plugged in my earphones, browsed through the songs available in my music library and took a U-turn to drive back home. While returning I got stuck in the traffic jam at three crossroads.  

        ” I walk this empty street on the boulevard of broken dreams
           Where the city sleeps and I'm the only one and I walk alone “

I increased the speaker volume so that I could enjoy the song in a better way and by the way, Billy Joe rocks! The traffic wasn't moving, I was all sweaty and started feeling exhausted. Then suddenly, a policeman came{ lets call him P1} and snatched my earphone and shouted that why am I not moving. I got startled and scared. I said I can only move if the car ahead of me starts moving. P1 then again shouted and asked why am I not moving even when the car behind me is honking continuously. I felt amused and said i could've moved if the car ahead of me had given me any space. He then got furious and took out the key from my Activa and ordered me to park the vehicle in the corner. Meri literally fat gayi!' I enquired about my mistake he said he would give my keys back only if I park my Activa in the corner. I did. I had to.

I parked Activa and just when I was about to turn back I was welcomed by three banarsi dudes who also were told to park their super-bikes as they were trying to conquer the world just by overtaking every vehicle in the traffic. They said that if I really want to get my activa back I should call my dad so that he could come and settle scores with the policeman. I know that was not an option for me! They, then started walking away and I was left with four bikes with no keys and two policemen guarding them. I too, to prevent sunburn, went under a shade waiting for any miracle to happen! Suddenly, the traffic jam got even worse and our bikes were to ported to another place to make way for others. P1 came shouting at us so we could move our bikes but he found no one! So he took out the keys himself and started moving every bike one by one. I was watching everything but was too scared to do anything. Then, suddenly i saw those the other three guys running and shouting as they had seen P1 putting in the keys. They all pushed him and took away their bikes. He again screamed at them and started hitting my Activa in frustration. I assumed that situation as my only opportunity to run away from them. I too pushed him aside and started my Activa and tried to run away. But…

… There was a difference in my running and those three guys' running. They were experienced in doing this and were on bikes whereas I was a first-timer on a scooter. P1 went mad at this sight. He ran after my bike and hit me hard with his stick. I slowed down, and he tried to pull back by holding the backside of the bike. I applied brakes and turned it the other side. P1 fell down. He switched on his radio and shouted that a fatty was on a run on silver Activa.
Dunno why he did that! I didn't steal anything, I didn't kill anybody and there was an order to follow me in the traffic jam! I was driving at a full speed. Suddenly I heard the police siren. I turned back and I saw a police jeep following me.

I know I was screwed for no fault at all. I saw a narrow colony and without giving any second thoughts I turned my Activa into the colony. Those bastard policemen pulled over their jeep outside the colony and asked two bikers to give them a lift and follow me. Those Rascals overtook me and I was again stopped! A rush of fear went down my whole body. I was shivering badly. P1 came near and hit me hard with his stick. He did it again! I couldn't withstand any more pain. I ran over my Activa and without noticing I ran over the feet of P2! That's it! Game over. P1 and P2 both threw their sticks on me. Bang! Bang! My head and my back were so much in pain. I drove madly with nothing but Hanuman Chalisa in my mind. 

I reached home fortunately without any policeman following me and I just fell on the floor and tried to calm my nerves! I cursed my luck for being followed by the police and getting numerous beatings and I thanked god as I had got another incident to share with you so that you get a good laugh reading my bad writing skills and hilarious but terrifying incidents!

PS: I hope you got the answer to the question asked in the first para! If not then you're a true Banarsi cuz I too don't know! 😛 


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Written by Lebnox


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