Show me the money…!

“I love you!” he was totally high. The drug was showing its effect.  He had eaten his food down to the last morsel, drank 3 full whiskeys and smoked marijuana.  “Shut up!  This is not you, you’re high right now.” “Don’t worry baby, I still love you”.
                       Two Minutes and 31 seconds later
“What the hell! What happened to Nitesh? Why is he unconscious? What happened with us?      ” Calm down, you just calm down first.  We got to figure out something and help Nitesh.”        “Wait, I had a vision, I was in jail, was in for seven years”.           “What? You too?”, “What do you mean by you too?” “I was hallucinating too, I was very happy, and I was flying high on success.”          “What about you?”   “I was running, actually I was being followed. Followed by the police. “
Nitesh: 24,, final year, New Delhi.  Chain Smoker, drinker and a near successful web hacker.

Ronit: 23, Graduate in Chemical Engineering, IITK, New Delhi. Unemployed.

Prakhar: 22, College Dropout, New Delhi. Wannabe DJ.

Himani: 24, Diploma holder in Fashion Technology, New Delhi.  Struggler.

A fun loving group with one common motto, to have unlimited fun! Then what the hell happened?
“What happened? I blacked out! Aah! My head hurts! “ “You mean you didn’t have any vision?” “What vision? I was unconscious.”  “I don’t get this. I think somebody is trying to play us.” “What did you eat last?” “Pepperoni”  “Me too” “Nitesh?” “I don’t know. I don’t remember anything.” “He was drunk, don’t you remember?” “That’s it, Pepperoni was adulterated” “Don’t be a douche, no chemical can make you see the future” “How do you know it was the future” “I don’t know. It’s all a hunch”
“Guys, what are you all talking about? We were normal a few minutes back, we fell unconscious, and I don’t know why and when I wake up I find you guys arguing over some kind of vision. Can somebody explain things to me?”
“HANDS UP! This is the police, no one shall try to move or I won’t hesitate to pull the trigger!” “Wait sir, this must be a mistake…” all four were scared. “Shut up, who amongst you is Nitesh?” “S… Sir, it’s me. What’s the matter?” “You’re under arrest” “What??? On what grounds?” “Here is the arrest warrant, in case any of you demand for it” “Sir, this must be a terrible mistake, I haven’t done anything”  “No baby, we’re criminals and we like to arrest innocents! Now keep your mouth shut and come with us”, the police officer snarled.
“So, Mr. Hacker, your dream run ends here, you planned to rob a bank and you ended up in jail.” The officer said to him while sending the evidence file for compilation.
In the meantime: “This calls for celebration! We did it. He got arrested.” , “I can’t believe we carried out the task so easily” “But yaar, when are we getting our dues?” “Mr. X had sent e-mail stating that we’ll be getting our shares as soon as Nitesh gets arrested” “Whoever it is, he planned well to rob a bank and led the police to Nitesh, and now we all will have enough money to survive”
“Game over Mr. X!” “Wh..What? What are you talking about?” “Yes Prakhar! Your game is over. You are Mr. X”, the officer again was standing at their gate. He had found out during the compilation that Nitesh was not the one he was actually looking for. “Are you insane? Are you telling me that I hacked into the bank website and virtually robbed ten lakh rupees? Nitesh is the culprit; he is the genius behind this virtual robbery, not me!” “Good story, but I don’t buy that, I’ve enough proof against you. Nitesh is a freeman, you have to come to police station for further investigation” “Oh yeah? Let me see the proof then.” “I.. I’ll be back in a minute guys.”, Ronit tried to move shakily.  “Wait!, this can’t happen. I don’t believe this. It’s you Ronit, it’s you!” “You bastard! How can you even think I did this? I don’t even know a single h of hacking!”Ronit got crimson red on hearing all this accusation “Then how come it’s your email id on the transfer account? You have the money, you scumbag!” Prakhar had only one chance to prove his innocence.  “Then how come he has proof against you Prakhar? Explain this!” He just lost it.
“Cuz the computer used was mine, they matched the IP address, you were at my place that night.” “I can’t believe I trusted you both and misunderstood Nitesh. Cuz of you both, I became the part of the plan for your rescue but the real culprits are you both. Officer, arrest both of them, as they tried to cook evidence against Nitesh and made me the part of their plan!”, Himani was almost in tears.
“You’re wrong Himani! It’s Nitesh, he is playing with us.. He did not even had a vision!” “Shut up, that was all fake, we all know that, we had poisoned his whiskey, if you remember, and we had to enact our lines exactly after two and a half minutes. Moreover, if Nitesh would have robbed the bank, he wouldn’t have got caught for this silly IP address match. He is a professional, not a criminal.”
“Enough of all this, you two, follow me to the police station and Himani, Nitesh would be here any moment, sorry for the inconvenience caused.” , Officer was convinced this time.  
“You got the money?” “Don’t worry; it’s a matter of 30 seconds. I’ll get it transferred in our account and the figures of his account won’t change. And yes, you acted well.”, Nitesh was in all grins. “Shut up, you were lying on the floor for no reason, and the water in your whiskey bottles was visible. I was afraid for those two could have noticed it too. You hacked and robbed a bank in the easiest and the most dangerous way.  And, you say I acted well. But the most scary part was giving the police a little piece of evidence against you! ” “Done, we are millionaire now! Kudos to our planning. And by the way, coffee tastes good.” “Does it? I’m afraid by time you finish it, you won’t be able to enjoy the happiness money gives.” She passed a sinister smile. “What do you mean? Have y……” , He couldn’t even complete his sentence before the devil knew he was dead.
‘I’m set now, the sole owner of ten lakh rupees! ‘, Himani thoughtAs soon as she went to the kitchen and lit the bulb, the whole house was abrogated by the pondering blast.

 Nitesh had kept the gas on.
What happened to the fun loving group consisting of talented guys? Two got arrested and spent the rest of their lives in the prison for the money they didn’t rob and they never knew where it was and two killed each other for the money that was destined to quench their group! And people think money brings happiness!  Somehow , they were discussing their future, and it happened, at least, in early stages. That’s God for you.


What do you think?

Written by Lebnox


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