Love At First Sight

So let us start with the first aspect of the teenage love psychology series, teenager come across a main aspect or it might be said a seed of love life i.e. our current topic Love At First Sight. It also indicates a true love. Love at first sight means falling in love with a lover at first meet. The moment we saw the lover, we fell in love, we felt happiness and our heart beat to see again and again. Love at first sight is not easy to explain. The famous british writer Israel Zangwill states, “The only true love is at love at first sight, second sight dispels it”. 


So friends, let's get linked to a story line, it's a short story and the same story will connect you to link all through the series of Teenage Love Psychology. 

                 On a very first day of commerce college, a curly haired boy wearing a college uniform, white shirt and sky blue trouser had been seated on a second bench of a middle row. As no one was known to him, he was observing his new classmates, and that's actually me, Sankalp Dewal!

                 Bell rang, professor steps in with a sheet of attendance without wasting any time professor starts a conversation with new batch mates. A Few minutes later, highly breathing with a jumpy sound and an innocent touch of voice says 

May I come in Ma'am? 

voice indicates a girl which is highly breathing and a little bit scared. As I fluctuate my eyesight towards a girl, I observes her innocent face, her eyes filled with eye wash, her little bit outstretched pony and her fingers were continuously playing together, it was just an indication of hesitation. Professor permits her to step in and she slowly ran towards her seat beside her friend and sits seeing around. My eyesight was still stuck towards her. Every now and then she used to place her plat and biting her lips, and she too was rotating a pen between her two fingers, quite creative.

                 The Professor starts with an introduction, “My name is Prof. Veena Mehta, I will be your class teacher and your English professor. So let's start introducing one at a time, Constantly, I was staring her, I was extremely excited to know her good name, she stood up and introduced her in a confident and quite innocent voice Aisha Mehta, I smiled a bit. After introduction part, prof. bored with some instructions and some rules and regulation and permitted to leave the class. As no one was my friend on my very first day of college, I immediately ran towards home. At night, I put up my head plugs and started listening songs. When I was in a mess of college tomorrow, I was just recalling some college hours, as I was recalling some college hours, the visible face in my mind was Aaisha's. Her silky haired pony, deep eyes that say everything, her red nail paint, side face, everything was visible to me. I was happy with my feeling, romantic love silent songs and her visible face in my eyes, Oh My God! What a feeling it was!! A love song played and then I came to know that I was in love, love at first sight. I hurrily stood up from bed and started sharing my world best feeling to my personal diary. The Smile was continuously glowing on my face. My excitement overloaded for another day of my college. Every day I started waiting for her to come, staring at her, capturing her smile, I had even started designing our future life too. Now I started living in such an attitude that, I am in love with her, I will definitely make her mine!

                                                                                                                                 …to be continued


So friends, as per the psychological study and with some experiences as my viewers shared with me, love at first sight is not fiction, it is a true concept. Love at first sight is a small bit of magic, not an incomprehensible miracle, but a wonderful slice of reality. Mostly, in teenage generation, this adorable miracle happens. Yet having experienced how truly special it is to look at a stranger and know that they will become dear to me. Teenage is the first step of falling in love, at first sight love and a true love. In teenage generation, love happens, it really accepts with a very innocent mind, innocent beat of heart, and an innocent smile on face, innocent trust, innocent love. Love at first sight is obviously another peace and an art of life. Something is magical in this, a stranger come towards our site, and we just start staring and dreaming all through the day, just holding the hands tight, and planning to live together. 





What do you think?

Written by Piyush


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