Know the Difference Between Open and Closed Modular Kitchens

Are you revamping the kitchen area or making your dream home? The modern households go for the installation of the modular kitchens that offer a myriad of household benefits and ease of living. While designing the modern kitchen as per one’s own choice, there are several considerations to be taken care of.

The topmost concern that the household owners nowadays have is going for a closed versus open modular kitchen. Both of these kitchen variations have their own sets of merits and demerits. If you wish to go for any one of them, then it could be based on your priorities and lifestyles. Here is our detailed analysis of the difference about each one of them for your convenience.

What is Open Modular Kitchen?


It refers to the one that would usually blend with the living room and the dining area. The open floor plan helps in the creation of a more interactive and productive place that would allow the ease of multitasking. Like every other design, an open lifestyle kitchen comes with its own sets of pros and cons.

Pros of an Open Modern Kitchen

  • As it is open, these lifestyle kitchens are bigger and even well ventilated.
  • This type of modular kitchen design works great for the smaller apartments. As the walls come down, it creates an impression of a larger area.
  • It can serve a great purpose for displaying the decorative range of kitchenware and designer kitchen appliances.
  • The open space of the modular kitchens can be decorated and designed with the use of attractive tiles and fine lighting to enhance the overall décor of the house.

Cons of an Open Modern Kitchen

  • If your kitchen space tends to be messy, then it would be difficult in hiding the same.
  • The house environment might get disturbed to a certain extent due to unpleasant sounds from the kitchen appliances. At the same time, in case your kitchen chimney is not functioning properly, then the entire house could be filled with cooking smoke and odor.

What is a Closed Modular Kitchen?

Unlikely the open kitchen space, the closed kitchen area is just what it sounds like. The closed modern kitchens are used to refer to the closed spaces that are isolated from the rest of the house. The closed kitchens tend to have their separate area of functioning and are entirely dedicated to all sorts of kitchen work like cooking, preparing for cooking, stocking food items & utensils and so more.

Pros of Closed Modern Kitchen

  • It comes as a confined space wherein you can perform all your kitchen tasks without any kind of disturbance.
  • As the number of walls increases, it offers great storage options around the kitchen area.
  • Creates a formalized and traditional kitchen space.

Cons of Closed Modern Kitchen

  • Could be completely isolated at times.
  • Should be well-ventilated to ensure proper passage of kitchen smoke and heat otherwise, it might create a heavily suffocated environment.

If you are planning to install the modular kitchen in your home, then you can consider the above options as per your priority and convenience. Wurfel comes with amazing kitchen designs in India and you could visit the specialized kitchen showroom in Bangalore for selecting the best one.



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