Only Go for Fantastic Super Cut Diamonds for Absolute Perfection and Charm!

If you are planning to choose diamonds for personal or gifting purposes, then perfect supercut diamonds should be set as the primary criterion. It is the top preference of those who don’t want to compromise on style, fashion, and trends. When it comes to jewelry designs, we will always see many things come in and go out of style from time to time. However, perfect cut diamonds stay unaltered in the middle of all these.


There are different types of cuts in diamonds, but in any style, diamonds remained as the finest fashion statements since age immortal. However, gemstones and styles have transcended from time to time.

Super ideal cut diamonds

The cut of a diamond piece doesn’t refer to its shape, but the actual symmetry, proportion, and polish of it. The beauty of a typical piece is largely based on its cut than the other factors. The ideal cut of a diamond is the combined impact of:

-The brilliance of the diamond itself

-Fire, which you see as the flashes of colors inside it, and

-Scintillation as the sparkle which you see when a piece is moved.

It is called ideal cut when a diamond has perfect proportions to return the majority of the light falling on it.

Diamond proportions

The perfect proportions of super ideal cut diamonds diamond refer to many specific parameters as the angles in which is it is cut and the length of various facets. Length is usually measured as table size, crown height, and pavilion depth which are measured in relative proportions in light of the overall diameter of the diamond. The diameter of a diamond is measured between a specific point at the girdle to the same point of the opposing side of the girdle.

A perfect cut diamond means it is rightly proportioned in such a way that the light entering into the diamond returns as it is to the viewer’s eye. Even a minute change in the crown of pavilion may end up in a huge difference regarding the fire, sparkle, and scintillation of the diamond and adversely affect its perfection. This same principle applies to the other crucial parameters also like the depth and table size.

A little history

One of the pioneering efforts in finding the exact diamond proportions was by Marcel Tolkowsky who was a renowned gemologist back in the 1910s. He was also a known mathematician who published the thesis of “Tolkowsky Ideal Cut.”

As per the Tolkowsky Ideal cut measures, a diamond which meets the exact proportions as per his measurements can be said the most beautiful diamond, and this is the same principle applies even after 100 years of the invention of this Tolkowsky Ideal Cut. There are many reputed grading agencies and labs like AGS and GIA etc. conducted many types of research and found that various proportions are working well with a diamond having an excellent light performance.

For those who are looking forwarding to purchasing a diamond need to look into all such specific details to get the ideal cut diamond, which not only ensures the best finish but also offers you high-value overtime.



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