5 Important Applications of Geographical Information Systems

There is a very distinct possibility that GIS has helped in saving lives in natural disaster-prone areas. This is because GIS helps in gathering information about the possibility of disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes striking. They also estimate the time and the structures likely to be hit.

You have heard it on the news quite often. A hurricane or storm is headed towards a specific plane and warning has been sounded. With the information provided by GIS technicians, evacuations can be arranged and preparations made to keep residents in vulnerable areas safe.

GIS is dependent on good technology and software in order to work effectively. Geologists and GIS technicians will search for software like ctech 3D gis.


  • Mapping

Mapping provides data for visual interpretation. The data is stored in the database after which it is presented in the form of a map which you can look at and interpret. Technology has gone one up and provided maps on the web. You do not have to be a cartographer to have access. You have:

  • Google maps
  • Bing maps
  • Yahoo maps

All these maps are based on the GIS mapping system.

  • Analysis of hotspots and accident hazards

GIS comes in handy in reducing accidents on the on the road by availing maps of the existing road network. This helps in pointing out the hot spots. This helps in providing much-needed information on road safety measures as well as maintenance. The traffic department is also made aware of areas that require more surveillance.

  • Urban planning

Geographical information systems provide information on urban growth and where expansion is taking place. Planners are then helped in finding suitable sites for expansion, which helps greatly in preventing planning errors.

For a site to be considered suitable, the following have to be factored in:

  • Accessibility of the site
  • The surface should be flat or close to it
  • The land should be vacant
  • There should be a good supply of water

All this information is accessible via GIS.

  • Impact on the environment

GIS gives information that is crucial for the preservation of natural resources and the environment. For instance:

  • The information provided about mining makes it possible to regulate it and prevent over mining
  • It provides information about the groundwater which allows for measures to ensure the water levels do not decrease
  • It exposes areas where pollution is rife and measures to alleviate the situation

Apart from these, there is radioactivity to be concerned about as well as waste disposal.

  • Applications in agriculture

GIS aids in creating better agricultural practices to increase productivity. It helps to create better techniques because soil analysis is carried out, which helps in determining the best techniques for the different types of soil. It also helps to determine which crops will thrive in specific types of soil. This helps in increasing food productivity which is great for everyone.

Without a doubt, GIS is necessary for a lot more than identifying the location of rivers and other geographical features. The availability of high-quality software like ctech 3D gis is crucial for effective and accurate operations and data.


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