How a gastric bypass surgery works

A gastric bypass surgery divides your stomach into two parts- a large lower pouch and a small upper pouch. In this process the small intestine gets rearranged so that it is connected to both the pouches. People who are extremely overweight are the ones who usually qualify for this surgery. This surgery helps you to lose weight by changing the dimensions of the stomach and how it will take in all the food you eat. This procedure also requires the small intestine to work in a different way than it did previously. Once the surgery is done you'll feel full with less food. This is because your stomach will reduce in size and the intestine will absorb all the food that doesn't get to some parts of your stomach. The rearranged intestines however, prevent the body from absorbing a good amount of minerals.

Facts about gastric bypass surgery:

1.You will lose more than 65% of your weight in more than a year.

2.If you are diabetic, have hypertension orsleep apnea, it will slowly get cured.

3.Your personal relationships with people might undergo a change. No scientific research has been done to prove this, although patients who have gone through this surgery report that they feel more positive and confident than they did before.

4.It will affect how you eat. You will be eating smaller portions than you did before and you have to take supplements till you're alive. It can sound tedious and scary at first but you will eventually get used to it.

5.It is an irreversible surgery and permanently changes the way your body digests food. Again, the words irreversible and permanently sound dangerous but you'll see that in the long run this will benefit you greatly.

6.A gastric bypass surgery cost in india is cheaper than most places in the world.

7.Weight-loss will take place very quickly after the surgery. By the third month you will lose 33 percent of the weight you once had. By the sixth month, 50 percent of the excess weight will go away and after a year you'll notice that you carry only 30 percent of the excess weight you once had, with 70 percent of it completely gone.

8.It is important that a healthy diet is maintained and you incorporate working out in your daily schedule. Even though gastric bypass is irreversible, if you eat unhealthy food items and eat them in large quantities, your stomach will get stretched and you will gain weight. It's important to embrace a healthy lifestyle to prevent any added difficulties from taking place in the future.

9.You will get addicted to staying fit. It's a psychological procedure- when you like something, you want to retain it and want more of it. When you get compliments about how good you look, how much weight you've lost and how much more younger you look, your self esteem will shoot up by a notch and you'll want to live this way. You will find yourself making time to make healthy dishes even if they require additional time and you will dedicate time to working out and staying fit.

This procedure is very helpful if you're overweight and what to life your life longer.


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  1. In about 80% of obese people, gastric bypass surgery causes remission (regression) of diabetes mellitus caused by obesity, which means a significant reduction in long-term mortality. Drastic weight loss dramatically increases the quality of life for those who have had surgery.

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