What to Do If You Lose the Quicken Activation Code

Quicken is a financial software which is required to manage your financial life as well as daily financial transactions. When installed it requires an activation code to be entered necessary for activating the product. But the activation is required when you have purchased or downloaded Quicken from any source other than If you are frequently being asked for the activation code or you are not able to locate the activation code, contact the Quicken Customer Service

The Quicken activation is required only for the Quicken release 2018. 

  • If you have purchased Quicken from the, then there is no need for an activation code. When you purchase Quicken, the membership is associated with the Quicken ID. 
  • If you have purchased Quicken from a retail store, then follow the steps to find the activation code: 

1. Launch Quicken after installing. 

2. Create a new Quicken ID or sign into your account. 

3. To start the activation of your membership, click on ‘Begin Activation’. 

4. Enter the activation code which can be found on the card inside your CD box. 

5. If you have purchased a download of Quicken, then check the order email for an activation code. 

6. After entering the activation code, click on continue to get the membership activated. 

  • If you are reinstalling Quicken, you will not require an activation code as after installing and activating the product, the activation code gets associated with your Quicken ID. 
  • If you will use any other Quicken ID to use the program, then it will ask for the activation code. To sign in with a different Quicken ID, follow the given steps: 

1. Click on ‘Edit’ and then select ‘Preferences’. 

2. Click on Quicken ID, Mobile and Alerts. 

3. Now click on ‘Sign in as a different user’. 

4. Click on yes and sign out. 

5. Log in again with correct Quicken ID. 

In this way, you can log in to your Quicken account and in every case, it is not necessary to have an activation code. If still, you are unable to solve the activation issue or have any other issue with Quicken then Quicken Online Support is there round the clock to help you. There can be several issues while downloading, installing or using the product, hence it is necessary to have a genuine tech support by your side. Here, we ensure you of the authentic solution provided to you for your Quicken issues.

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