6 Basic Errors to Avoid When Writing CSS to Customize your WordPress Theme

​After completing your website it’s time to give a final touch by design it. With a plethora of themes available in the market, experimenting is not possible with each theme. Choose a theme which is suitable for your website and kick-start your work with CSS. Customize your theme according to your specific needs and expectations. To do this you have to take help of CSS. So I am giving you some tips which are generally done by users and help you in customizing your online store or website. 


1. Ground rule for selectors:- Some developers forget to tend some ground rules for selectors when they working with CSS for WordPress site. If you want to tweak your theme’s CSS to give a different look, you have to keep in mind some basic rules related to selectors. Remember a thing, every selector has an identifiable CLASS or ID excluding HTML tags. 

2. Alert from browser bugs:- In market many browsers are available and every browser views your web page differently. You have to adhere all the CSS standards codes which must be followed while you writing the WordPress theme’s stylesheet. When you are styling your sheet keep in mind text and links jump across the new page when the visitor moves the mouse over a particular link or scroll down the page. Sometimes layouts do not appear consistent when used with different browsers. 

3. Wrong template module:- one of the most difficult tasks of styling is a template module section. So you have to be more careful while template customization. Many times developer used a wrong template instead of new available templates. To prevent from this problem always make a back up of your entire CSS stylesheet which can be recovered at any time. 

4. Incorrect knowledge about file placement:- As you know all CSS styles are included in the WordPress theme folder’s style.css file combined with PHP files. And HTML code for the theme in index.php with a detail of many facts about file placement. You can change only most appropriate CSS selector tags in the PHP files without touching files. 

5. Styling of blockquote element:- Blockquote sometimes confusing and bound developer to do mistakes. So while styling blockquote element, pay more attention and do your work carefully. Add specific margins and nonregular font for enhancing virtual appeal for the website is a simple solution to styling it. For enriching website, you can use some eye-catching images for your background. 

6. Single references for multiple pieces:- Some developers assign a single piece of information for references instead of multiple pieces. And it would be in their blood. They do this mistake every time. This will confuse the CSS and give various errors while designing. it will also help you in using highend WP theme. This type of highend WordPress theme is very fast responsive and give an amazing look to your website. So always try to use this theme. 

I hope this article will help you a lot and give a clear picture about key mistakes and you will customize your website’s themes and CSS smoothly.



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