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EnteIn the long drawn journey of life we meet new people, befriend them, and with the passage of time, they are left behind and are replaced by new ones. But only a few of them is left with us when we are on the verge of retirement. Our friends become our trusted companions. And it is at this time our friendships are festooned with the most essential component of it. It is faith. A child would trust anyone who comes in his life and his trust is shadowed by doubts as he becomes older but interestingly he regains the same at his old age.r your text here …

As per the psychologists, this happens due to the fact that during old age, just as a person becomes physically dependent upon others, he becomes emotionally dependent too. But, at the same time, it is quite true that a friendship is complete when you become emotionally dependent upon your friend.We often tend to forget, that just like any relationship, friendship needs to be nurtured with care. When was the last time you entertained your friend with a surprise gift? How often do we send friendship ecards to our pals? It is important to express our friends that we care for them.

To conclude, when any relationship reaches a certain level of understanding, rapport and admiration, we term it as friendship. And it can blossom between a father and son, mother and daughter, grandparents and grandchildren or between two complete strangers. And it is the foundation of all existing relationship on the earth. Our friends make our life beautiful; they make us feel important, help us to understand that we are a part of them and ultimately makes our life fulfilling enough.


Love and friendship are often considered as the two sides of the same coin. One can not survive away from the other. Still there is a thin line between a friend and a lover; and if someone does not probe deep in to the relationship, often the thin grey line between the ‘special friend’ and lover may seem blurred and unrecognizable.One of the key attribute of today’s society is the gradual demise of the authoritarian control of social institutions like marriage, class, corporations, or any other shared alliances.



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