Assignment Help Services Tell You How to Write a CDR Report

Writing a CDR report can be quite a challenging task since engineering students must be well-versed with the various guidelines stated by Engineers Australia. Most students, therefore, resort to hiring assignment help services in Australia to cope with the herculean task.

Any student must first understand the purpose of a CDR report and its constituents before starting to work on it.

So, what is a CDR report?

A CDR Report is a drafted instrument, which is used by engineers to prove their competencies in order to be able to acquire a Skilled Migration visa for Australia. An Australian CDR Report must include evidence of the engineering knowledge and technical skills of an engineer.

A CDR report has three occupational categories within the engineering practice in Australia. They are – Professional Engineer, Engineering Technologist, and Engineering Associate.

However, in accordance with migration purposes, Engineer Australia also recognises an additional category that of an Engineering Manager.

A CDR report is quite an elaborate task, and that is why it becomes necessary to draft it gradually and systematically. Most assignment help services in Australia have extensive knowledge about such a report and follow the steps mentioned below while preparing a CDR report.

1. Provide Personal Information

In this step, the engineering candidates need to include all the personal information. Every student is must attach a recent passport-size photograph of oneself along with the photocopy of bio-data page from his or her passport. Also, an engineer applying for migration must include a CV stating the educational background and work experience of the candidate. It is also mandatory for students to provide evidence of their English language competency.

2. Application Information

This step involves the selection of the engineering occupation that a student is seeking assessment for along with the degree certificate and official academic transcript. Students should also make it a point to provide information about other qualifications (if any). The application must include documented evidence of the work experience of the candidate.

3. Drafting the Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Engineers Australia requires a CPD wherein a candidate mentions the developments he or she has made in the field of engineering. All relevant events must be included in the CDR report application in the form of a list along with the details of the post-graduate study, the conferences at which the candidate has delivered papers and the seminars and inspections that he/she has attended.

4. The Three Career Episodes

This is the most complicated part of a CDR report. In case students face problems to draft this portion of the report, they can avail assistance from the various Australian assignment help sites. Each career episode should be based on a task undertaken by the candidate as part of an engineering program.

5. Summary Statement

In this step, the students need to analyse and ensure that the requirements for the chosen occupational category have been addressed to. The summary statement includes the results of the analysis made by the candidate. The statement should be elaborate and informative.

A CDR report is an extensively elaborate thing and therefore can be quite to tricky to draft. However, the professional writers associated with online assignment help sites know the trick to draft an excellent report. The writers make sure that they prepare a report meticulously while following all the standards provided by the EA.


A CDR report is critical for electrical engineering students to obtain a Skilled Migration visa for Australia. This article states the five steps that a student must follow to prepare a successful CDR report.


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