Which engineering has better scope in Pakistan?

There are many different fields in education to pursue in your professional life. Different fields have their own kind of impact on the world and on the job market. Regardless, each one of them is equally important for the betterment and advancement of the world. In the old times, the only three professions that were given enough value and importance were teachers, engineers, and doctors. However, the world has started evolving and now professions from the faculty of social science or art have also started to get acknowledged lately.


Despite that empowerment, one of the most valued professions in Pakistan is still engineering. Families who are still old-school, the dream of their sons to become engineers and only then they feel proud once the boys in the families have fulfilled their wishes. However, with a wide variety of branches in engineering, it is not easy to narrow down the choices and then pursue only one of them.

Software engineering among all the other branches is the most demanded field of work currently. Due to the technological advancement in the world, there is a drastic increase in the need for software engineers for the development of new websites, applications and other relevant stuff like websites.

The job market in Pakistan is mostly in the need of software engineers which is a sub-branch of computer science. Software engineers manage to find the jobs better and more easily as compared to other engineers in the country. There are multiple digital firms opening across the country, especially in major cities like Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. These digital firms have a huge number of vacancies for software engineers or computer scientists.

Additionally, with the digital transformation across the world, the business whether large-scale or small-scale have started transforming into digital access for two reasons that include keeping up with the modernization and secondly, to make things easier for the customers. For digitalization, these businesses approach software engineers or open vacancies for computer vacancies to fulfill their need of digital platforms like websites and mobile applications.

Various brands of different products like food, lifestyle, clothing, and shoes etc have started developing e-stores and providing home delivery options for the customers to avail the e-commerce options for convenience. Similarly, marketing agencies used to focus on brochures and billboards previously but now focus more on digital approaches like content writing service for websites, social media marketing, and email marketing.

If you are a student of FSc pre-engineering and trying to figure out the branch of engineering to pursue further, there are two major things which you must consider. First should be your interest; where your passion lies and what you would like to continue for the rest of your life and second should be the scope of that particular field in your country.

There are some of the best engineering institutes in Pakistan in which software engineering and computer science have been taught with great expertise. These institutes include both private and public sector universities and students have got a wide variety of options to pursue higher education. Following is a list of top best engineering institutes in Pakistan.

  • FAST
  • UBIT
  • GIK
  • NED
  • NUST
  • LUMS
  • UET

These are some of the best computer science universities across Pakistan which you can consider to pursue software engineering. Some of these universities’ degrees also have worldwide recognition and makes the job hunt easier to conduct. Before applying for any particular field, make sure you are comfortable with it and even better if you have full interest in it as it will help you to stay motivated and focus better throughout the degree program.



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