How to keep a gratitude journal

The benefits of keeping a gratitude journal have been figured out already and talking about them in detail will be a waste of time, but the question about how to keep one that is sure to benefit you is something you should pay attention to. A gratitude journal is your sanctuary and a platform to share your own thanks list and moments of appreciation, joy and bliss. The tips mentioned below will help you create powerful feelings of gratitude quickly.

General guidelines:

1) Write five things to be thankful for daily

2) Choose morning time or when you go to bed at night

3) Write your gratitude in detail 

How to write my thanks list?

1) Focus on something you are thankful for

It can be anything, a gift, a glass of water somebody brought you today, a cool essay you wrote for an assignment at college or university. List it down. 

2) Write who deserves credit for this gratitude 

State this question once you have listed down your gratitude. For instance, “I am thankful for completing my engineering assignment” should be stated as your gratitude and then a question should be written below: Who deserves thanks for completion of my assignment? Let your mind come up with answers around this particular question as it will enable you to direct your thanks to the real benefactor that actually brought you this blessing or favor . 

3) State the benefits of this favor

4) State the risks and losses in case this favor never occured.


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