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Sony is a bit different from most smartphone manufacturers: it does not look for fashion trends from the category “cutting at the top of the screen” or “increasing the number of cameras”. The manufacturer makes all changes slowly, with Japanese calm and serenity. This does not always affect the sale, but Sony has a specific audience. According to the company, the sale of Sony XPERIA in Ukraine is growing. At the same time, she is aware that on average, and especially in the budget segment, with a large number of Chinese smartphones, it will be difficult. Even so, Sony has models in these categories and quite interesting. Sony XPERIA XA2 Plus – one of these devices, we will tell more about it in the test.

Design and Materials:

The design concept of his smartphones Sony changes less often. This year, major changes have touched the flagship line, which received a completely new Ambient Flow design with lots of glass and the most streamlined shapes with no sharp corners. In the lower-status models, the affinity with the line and design of last year’s loop surface is noticeable, but with some innovations. The absolutely flat upper and lower end of the Sony XPERIA XA2 Plus was preserved as in the previous models. The front and back as well as the ends still form a single “looped” surface. However, the back cover is now slightly convex for a more comfortable grip.


The entire front panel is covered with gorilla glass of the fifth generation with beveled edges. Virtually the entire panel is covered with a large 6-inch screen with a fashionable 18: 9 aspect ratio, rounded corners, and small frames on the sides. Above it are the Sony logo, the front camera, sensors and a conventional LED display. Fortunately, Sony is in no hurry to give it up. The frame of the smartphone is made of metal and has a round shape. All buttons are located on the right side, including a proprietary round power button and a separate camera button, which are only available on Sony smartphones. At the bottom there is a microphone, type-C for charging and syncing and an external speaker. By the way, it sounds loud and of very good quality.

The back wall is made of polycarbonate, very sensational and not bad in terms of durability. The main camera in the smartphone is single; The dual module is currently only used in the flagship Sony XZ2 Premium. Nearby is a flash and below it an NFC tag and a fingerprint scanner. NFC is an indispensable element of most Sony smartphones and pleases. The position of the scanner is somewhat controversial: in the flagship it is almost in the middle of the back wall, which is not very practical. In this case, it seems to me to be slightly higher than it would cost due to the length of the case.


The Sony XPERIA XA2 Plus is equipped with a 6-inch IPS display with an aspect ratio of 18: 9, a resolution of 2160×1080 and rounded corners. Sony did not succumb to the general hype. The display makes a good impression; the brightness is very impressive. Traditionally for Sony smartphones, however, it is clearly in cool colors. In the settings of the screen (in addition to the default settings for brightness, scaling and font size) there are three display modes: standard, maximum brightness and no “enhancement pictures”. Separately, there is a flexible white balance:

In standard mode, the gamma curve is relatively close to the reference values, but lacking red and an excess of blue. As a result, we have a “cold” picture. The color space is slightly wider than sRGB. According to the measurement results, the maximum brightness of the Sony XPERIA XA2 plus 506,361 cd / m2 and the black field brightness are 0.495 cd / m2. The static contrast is 1023: 1.

Platform and Performance:

The smartphone uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 eight-core 14-nanometer processor with eight cores. It uses eight ARM Cortex A53 cores; the maximum clock frequency is 2.2 GHz, the graphics accelerator Adreno 508. On the one hand, it is rather modest by today’s standards (and the price is 12,000 UAH). On the other hand, it is the heir to the hugely successful and popular Snapdragon 625, which has been used successfully in an incredible number of mid-range smartphones. In fact, the performance of the platform is sufficient to easily and quickly process any application. Yes and modern games are only available at medium or low settings. In the popular PUBG at medium settings, there are frame rate losses. In synthetic tests, the smartphone shows quite expected results, not the highest results:

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