Common Programming Mistakes That You Should Stop Doing Immediately

As a new C++ programmer, you may fail to notice the mistakes that you make in the paper. Your programming expert professors might not avoid it as you do. They will deduct marks and that will degrade your overall academic performance. Do not be disheartened. It is natural to make some pesky errors in your programming.


Check out the most common mistakes that students usually make in their programming assignments. Keep a check on these mistakes next time you are assigned a task on programming.

  • 1.No consistent writing style

It’s true that humans have a limited amount of computing power to work with. You need to maximize its effectiveness while working on computer programming tasks. You must have a consistent indentation, clear convention for naming things and concise comments. Try to adopt a clear programming style as most essay help experts do. Be flexible with the conventions used in your programming assignment. Once you are through with the conventions, coding will become 10X easier.

  • 2.Too many inappropriate functions

They just know what the function is supposed to do. But, most of you end up writing up to 500 lines of code or even more, messing up the purpose of your functions. Avoid big functions because they are hard to debug. It leads to too many interactions and too many paths through the code. Keep each function within 50 lines in length to be on the safe side. Do not include AND or OR in the functions.

  • 3.Code without a plan

Students barely have time to plan like a programming expert before starting to code. Try specifying the requirements to understand the purpose of the code. This is your chance to determine the scope of the problem that you are trying to solve through your code. Design the program, interface and the test to avoid any problems while coding. If you encounter any problem, get help for your programming essay right away!

There’s a high demand for programmers out there in various parts of the world. Why ruin your career with poor marks in the programming assignments? Take care of these mistakes and never hesitate to take help from your professors or seniors. Work on your flaws and practice coding every day. Good luck!



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