How to Open Pre-school Hyderabad

The land of culture Hyderabad is the home of many leading educational institutes. The city has a long list of preschools in it. However, one can always become a part of this growth and development by contributing and being an active citizen. Education is the main foundation in the development of a responsible citizen. And preschools are the building blocks of this foundation. A preschool is not just a playground or a daycare, but its the first step that a child takes to the future self.

One of the leading preschool chains in Asia is Kidzee, with the incredible network of more than 1900+ centres in over 750+ cities. Kidzee is committed to its work of child development across the nation. Kidzee focuses only and only on nurturing the unique potential in every child and aims at the development of a child's emotional, social and physical needs for lifelong learning. Being a global citizen Kidzee not only look up for child development but also encourage women. Kidzee has empowered more than 1000 women entrepreneurs by helping them set up Kidzee franchise across the nation.

With the goal to create the emerging leaders of tomorrow. Kidzee has designed itself in different segments through programmes like Nuvo, Play Group, Nursery and Kindergarten for each programme there is a set specific Teacher Training Programmes and parent corners for interaction and transparency between business and grooming of the children.

Kidzee has touched the lives of more than 9,00,000 children. Other than nurturing children Kidzee brings great business opportunities along to get you on-board. Here are some key factor to become the passionate-committed entrepreneur willing to promote quality education by opening a Kidzee preschool franchise in Hyderabad:

  • The partner should have a property with a minimum area of 2000-3000 sq. Feet.
  • The partner must have a minimum investment capital of Rs. 12,00,000 – Rs. 15,00,000 to start the franchise.
  • The partner should have the NOC(No Objection Certificate) from the society for running the preschool in India.
  • The partner will have to keep staff members and receive continuous training from the Kidzee curriculum.

Keeping the top-notch services all franchisees will undergo an extensive training program on business strategy for owning and operating a successful Pre-School. In addition to this, there are proper training programmes for 60-80 hours provided to the teachers and staff for the best care of the kids. Apart from this Kidzee has proper safety layout plans designed for the safety of the children. Other than this there is an Interactive iLLUME kit which is basically for developing motor skills the kit that consists of playing equipment, puzzles, books, etc.

Setting up preschool calls for a lot of responsibility and proper guidance. Kidzee gives you an adequate platform not only to become an entrepreneur but also it gives you the stage to contribute to society and shape the future of tomorrow. So if you are looking up to open a preschool in Hyderabad with proper guidance and advice then Kidzee is the best preschool chain in India.


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