7 Gift ideas for original and personalized bloggers

​We are immersed in full Christmas parties. Christmas is synonymous with many things but above all with something that we especially like.



What gifts do most bloggers especially like?

We bloggers take almost all of the same foot. I dare to say that most of us like very similar things and all have to do with blogging.

Why wait for someone to give you what you always wanted?

Why not give yourself what you would like?

Many years ago I decided that I would give myself something. And here I see myself collecting gift ideas for bloggers.

Gifts do not have to cost great fortunes. Forget about that and bet on personalized gifts.

You do not have to run out of money to make a good personalized gift and cheaply.

Custom Mugs

Give yourself joy with one of these cool cups and a good morning coffee. Revitalize body and soul to start your blogging day with a good start.

Hyper-personalized T-Shirts

Shout to the 4 winds and let everyone know what you do. Revindicate your passion, with one of these beautiful tshirts. For never again, there is no doubt.

Put your stamp Hashtag Blogging

Decorate your house your way with these markers. Let it be noticed that it is yours and not the neighbors. #Iloveblogging

The essentials eBook

Take advantage of this Christmas to soak up the best content that you have thrown in your face. Get one of these fabulous ebooks and learn to sell yourself like nobody else.

Read and reread with Amazon’s Kindle

favorite books intact in this piece of the machine without having to pass the duster. An easy solution but above all comfortable to read at the time you most want with Amazon Kindle

Fantastic Pack 4 Stickers

Brag with these 4 fantastic stickers and customize all your things: notebooks, folders, books, diaries, planners. On the forehead, it can also be worth.

Kit 1 Million Cool Ideas

Give free rein to your imagination with this pack of notebooks to write them all and that do not escape. Ideal to create the best viral post that you have thrown in your face.



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