My Story: From A Helpless Teenager To A Flooring Business Owner

It's the story of my life. How I got into the business and flourished in it.

Fifteen years ago, my family was financially crippled. My mum was running our house on a shoestring budget and it was evident that the bad days were there to stay. We were not so rich from the start but the death of my father left us alone and hungry.

I was a sixteen-year-old boy searching desperately for some job. The roads were merciless. I had average schooling and my English accent was not so good. So, I was failing to secure any good job.

One evening when I was returning from a temporary paint job, I found a guy who dealt with professional laminate flooring companies. We called him the “floor guy: in the neighborhood. The guy trusted me for a job. It might be my poor condition or the zeal to learn new things in my eyes!

The next day I was being working under professionals and was paid a little amount. It was a reputable company but the salary I was getting was hardly enough to meet my family's needs. Though it was quite tiring, I loved the work. It appeared that I had an inherent ability to deal with floors. Two years went by and my hands were adept at all sorts of installation. With the passage of time the complexity of the assigned tasks increased.

Just as I was moving into the third year of my job a great opportunity knocked at my door. My employer company offered a sponsored apprenticeship program. It was a golden chance for me to learn the professional level work under the supervision of experts. The program was six months long. At the end of the program, I was awarded the diploma with distinctive remarks from the trainers.

Now was the right time to start something on my own. At first, only the friends called me for the work. I was earning much more in the same hours of work. It took me one more year to save some money for my new office. I rented a small office a few miles away from my house. The experience helped me a lot to gain customers.

Day by day things got better and I was able to build my own house. My family moved into the new house and I still cherish the memory of my mother's smile as she entered her new home!! It should not be a surprise for you that my home is furnished with the best laminate flooring available in the market. Now I am running a business which successfully competes with hardwood flooring companies in my area.


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