How to fix AOL desktop Gold Running slow problem

AOL desktop gold is one of the advanced programs that is entitled to provide better internet and browsing experience with some great additional features. You can enjoy better internet browsing with music and video streaming and games. However, due to some reasons, you can experience a slowdown in AOL desktop gold. You try to open webpages, but it keeps buffering or open it after a while. These issues may appear due to several reasons, and you should fix this issue to keep your AOL desktop gold running easily. If the problem of slow down gets worse, then you should uninstall the app and aol gold download for remove the issue.

A quick solution to fix the AOL Gold running slow issue:

Restart your PC: You can restart your PC to fix the issue. You have to close all the applications first and then turn your computer off. Now wait for a while and switch it on again.

Close unnecessary application: you need to open the task manager and select those programs that are not essential. Now you need to disable these programs and enable only essential programs. That will make the system's processor free and will remove the issue.

Restart your router: Slow internet connectivity may also be one issue and to remove that issue you need to reset your router. Turn your router off and disconnect to the power cords and then connect it back and turn on after 30 seconds.

Clear footprints: There is some application that keeps running in the background even after closed. They can affect the speed of the system and further programs. You need to go to the settings and then security tab in a new window. Now you have to choose each file and click on the option ‘Clear footprints now' to remove the data.

Run registry clear: You can also install registry cleaner app and run to remove all problematic entries. Once you get rid of these, then you easily enjoy the speed of the AOL desktop gold.

These solutions are easy and simple to follow, and you can do it by yourself. Once you perform these exercises, you can easily remove the issue. However, sometimes the problem could be deeper, and you may not be able to fix this then you have to aol gold install again in your computer.

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