Cannot Sign in to your Google Account

Google Recovery Process when can't sign in the account

Google doesn't need any kind of introduction today. A major pioneer in internet industry, Google's goodwill in market has set major benchmarks. But at times even Google give us hard times due to unknown reasons because of which we are not able to log into Google account. The most common reasons because of Google account failure are:

  1. Wrong email id or password.
  2. Internet connection failure.
  3. Problems with 2 step verification.
  4. Issues with third party log in.
  5. There could be countless reasons of not being able to sign in Google account and in order to make Google recovery, you can follow following steps to avoid any such issue:
  6. Go to Google account recovery page for help.
  7. Click on I don't remember my password/username.
  8. Follow the instructions and opt any of the option like recovery mail, phone number or security questions.
  9. You will receive a recovery code on any of the mediums like text or mail.
  10. Tap on that link and enter the code and set the new password and re enter it to confirm.
  11. Make sure that this time you set a password that you can easily remember in a long run.


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