The Importance of Earning a Blockchain Certification

Blockchain is a decentralized, secure and reliable technology having its influence in all industrial sectors. As an entrepreneur, you may not be interested in cryptocurrencies that are restricted to certain countries but can definitely gain the benefits of the underlying technology.

The benefits of Blockchain technology and its applications can be realized in industrial verticals like supply chain management, big data, finance, banking reconciliation, blockchain-powered AR/VR technology, cybersecurity, accounting, quality assurance, stock exchange, pharmaceuticals, cross-border payments, energy supply, and so forth.

To summarise, industries are becoming more dependent on blockchain today. The implementation of blockchain technology in businesses decentralizes processes, enhances security, establishes transparency, and achieves stability.

However, to implement blockchain in any industry, it is necessary to be a blockchain professional. A certified blockchain professional has profound knowledge in the domain and can promote businesses by building blockchain applications.

And, the industrial knowledge cannot be restricted alone for the blockchain developers. The people working with it also must know the principles. It could be a shipping clerk, stockbroker, marketer, or anyone who is involved in using blockchain applications.

Getting a job is competent that a mining company looks for a manager who understands how gold sales are recorded, a logistics firm looks for a caretaker who knows the logic behind supply chain, an investment firm appreciates sales managers who can explain trading gains to the customer, and so forth.

To earn a blockchain certification means you know the technology and its benefits in the field. Moving forward, let us understand the available premium certifications in the blockchain that are recognized globally.

To earn certifications in blockchain technology, the Central Blockchain Council of America (CBCA) is a great place to start. Get introduced to some of the available blockchain credentials here.

CBCA Blockchain certifications 

The certifications are available for organizations and professionals as well.

CBCA-BITS for Blockchain Organizations

The Blockchain Innovation and Technology standards (BITS) delivers the managerial, procedural, and systemic norms for tech companies handling blockchain. It illustrates the optimal internal value chain accountable for implementing strategies, organizing the departments and teams, and operating the blockchain projects.

Certifications for Professionals

The blockchain certifications are meant for developers, user-organizations, and individuals who help investors.

Business Blockchain Professional

The BBPTM certified professional proves his knowledge regarding concepts, principles, applications, and technologies. The professional will be able to assist the organization to implement strategies, take initiatives and programs for vendors.

Certified Blockchain Engineer

The CBETM credentialed candidate can develop applications for multiple platforms like OpenChain, Stratis, Lisk, Ethereum, Hyperledger, IOTA, and Hydrachain.

Global Blockchain leader

The GBLTM credentials enable the individual to select methodologies for enterprise adoption, addresses societal, practical and governance challenges across the industrial verticals.

Benefits of Earning Blockchain Certification

The main benefits of securing a certification are highlighted here.

  • Validates your skills and understanding of the technology
  • Implement blockchain efficiently in various industry verticals
  • Build your own blockchain enterprise or organization
  • Gain higher pay as compared to your non-certified peers
  • Add credibility to your employment and industry
  • Reduce cost to the user or businesses

Pay Scale for Blockchain Certified Professionals

It is known that in a year, the employee can earn approximately INR 5.65 lacs/annum. And, having three years of experience in blockchain can fetch a remuneration of INR 45 lacs and more. The International Data Corp estimates that the corporate and government spending on blockchain will hit $12.4 billion by 2022.

As a concluding note, it is necessary to earn a certification to leverage blockchain technology in your industrial vertical. It ensures the theoretical knowledge and technical skills necessary to deliver solutions and further your career successfully.


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Written by Alen Parker


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