Relationship Break Up Are You Facing One?

Have you ever done something that hurt  TeslaLighter Survival Tool Review your girlfriend or wife so bad you immediately got the feeling she was thinking about walking away? That sinking feeling when your heart drops to the bottom of your shoes?

Believe it or not, this is a very common concern that most men face at some point or another in a relationship. However, before you jump to conclusions and make assumptions that may not be true, it is a good idea to further investigate the reasons you are facing a relationship break up.

Here are a couple signs your girlfriend may be moving on and what you can do to stop it.Her Work Hours Increase All of A Sudden According to recent studies, if your girlfriend or wife starts working extra hours all of a sudden, you may be facing a relationship break up. Women often seek extra hours of work to insure they will be able to financially survive the single life when they leave the relationship.

What can you do to make her realize a relationship break up is not the right decision? Instead of complaining, give her a sense of security by showing her what she will miss if she breaks up with you.

Acknowledge the fact that you appreciate her effort to work late and make an extra contribution to the family finances. Clean up around the house and provide her with an opportunity to enjoy some quiet time to herself. Surprise her with dinner and a bubble bath. These gestures will mean a lot to her.


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