How to Invite More Success and Money Into Your Life for 2013

Create an environment of order. Money andSubliminalTracks Reviewsuccess love to go where there is order. Bring some order to your purse or wallet, even if it’s simply putting your dollar bills in numerical order and facing all the same direction. Collect your loose change from the bottom of your purse and put it where it belongs in your wallet. If you want more in your life, get in order what you already have.

Spend time in prayer and meditation. If you think you can have true success in your life, business and relationships and not invest in your spiritual life then you’re missing it. Successful people know the value of a relationship with God and how it impacts everything including your success in business.

Know your purpose. Make 2013 the year that you finally dedicate some real time and energy to determine your life purpose. Discovering your purpose will give your life direction so that you can create the life that leads you to your destiny with the least amount of detours as possible. If you’re spending time in prayer and meditation, this should not be very difficult.

Give your money purpose. Whether it’s loose change you find in your car or at the bottom of your purse, as well as your regular monthly income, give all of it a purpose. Start collecting coins in a jar and give it a purpose for what you’ll do with it when the jars full (make a purchase that’s going to bring value to your life). All of your money should have purpose. Money with no purpose does what people without purpose do: not much.


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