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5 Great Destinations for a Group Getaway

A group getaway is the ideal opportunity to create memories with friends and family members. Here are five perfect destinations around the world for an ideal group getaway –



Malta is a tourist-friendly destination with affordable hotels and brilliant sight-seeing spots. For people who enjoy sunshine, Malta is ideal as it is sunny throughout the year which facilitates its unique and wild nature. Discovering the historical riches of La Valletta and the protected flora and fauna on the island of Gozo is a real treat. The evenings can be spent in the gorgeous town of Mellieha, capped, “European destination of brilliance” by the EC (European Commission) for its allegiance to conservation-friendly tourism. A visit to the Popeye village in Mellieha, constructed for the musical “Popeye” excursion in the 1970s, is a must. Falling in love with Malta is really easy!

The Algarve

One of the most breath-taking areas of Portugal with a balmy and sun-drenched climate throughout the year, the Algarve is an area all travelling groups who cherish golden beaches and blue waters must visit. Be it exploring the wonderful Benagil cave or watching dolphins in their glory in the coasts of the Algarve, it is one of the best tourist spots in Europe for several reasons. Enjoy sunbathing on the terrace of your private villa and looking out at the peaceful sea views. Groups can also enjoy jeep safari tours exploring the mysteries of this wonderful region.


Treating a friend group to this paradise Greek island of Corfu is a wonderful way to spend a holiday. Enjoying summer sunshine pretty much every day of the year, t

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