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This Psychologist Turned A Difficult Childhood Into A Mission To Help Fatherless Daughters

Dr. Karin Luise is a clinically trained therapist and life coach with a PhD in Counseling who is passionate about guiding women to their truth. She is the award-winning coauthor of The Fatherless Daughter Project: Understanding Our Losses and Reclaiming Our Lives with Denna Babul. As the host of The Dr. Karin Show on and YouTube, she interviews visionaries and shares teachings on how to improve relationships and achieve personal clarity. In addition, she has created two online courses, Break the Rules Breakthrough for Women: A Year of Becoming a Spiritual Rockstar and Root Down Fire Up Mastermind.


Dr Karin Luise is a therapist, life coach, and author of The Fatherless Daughter Project.

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During her adolescence, Luise became depressed and isolated because her birth father gave her up for adoption and she had a painful relationship with her stepfather. She lost self-confidence and went into survival mode for a decade. This is why she wrote The Fatherless Daughter Project. “So many young women find themselves in a similar cycle because they were not taught how to be loved, supported and protected by safe, loving fathers. I did not realize my own truth for years because I pretended to be someone I was not in order to survive.”

Luise describes her pathway to her own life purpose as “a series of lightbulb moments.” Although she felt unsure of her purpose as a young woman, she loved teaching and writing as a child – and had dreams of doing something in that domain. She would hold “classes” for her brother and neighbors and felt that she was a natural healer. But she just did not realize she could turn these passions into a career until later in life.

After getting divorced at a young age, Luise found guidance in going to therapy and volunteering at The Atlanta Ronald McDonald House. “The more I was there, the more meaning I found in it,” Luise said. “I connected with the families, empathized with their pain, and experienced human connection in a new way. Something in me clicked. I realized that I am meant to help people with their pain.”

Luise went back to school at age 30 to earn her MA in Counseling. Although intimidated, she quickly discovered a new side to herself – brighter, intuitive, and more capable than she had believed. “My passion had not yet come to the surface because I until then, I did not believe that I was worthy of shining brightly,” she said. So, she enrolled in a rigorous, research-based Ph.D. program in Counseling Education & Practice. Over time, Luise became a doctor and also the mother of three children.

Dr. Luise offers advice to women raising daughters who don’t have fathers involved in their lives.

Paula Bond Keller

“I found my own alignment with my passion to create change in the world by helping people heal and transform their lives,” says Luise.

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