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Mobile App Will Transform Data Entry And Collection In Clinical Studies, Company Says

When most people think of clinical studies, they think of cold, white, sterile spaces full of computers, test tubes and scientists. But imagine the possibility that your own smartphone is a lab of sorts, ripe for data entry and collection and the critical component of an ever-expanding scientific knowledge base.


ObvioHealth announced this week the launching of ClaimIt™ —a mobile application that the company says is poised to transform clinical studies globally. According to ObvioHealth—a full-service contract research organization (CRO) that uses technology to drive clinical research—the mobile app eases the challenges for both researchers and participants of conducting traditional clinical research by offering both 100% site-less clinical trials and the opportunity for “hybrid” studies where a brick and mortar environment is a requirement.

ObvioHealth’s ClaimIt™ mobile app.

(Photo courtesy of ObvioHealth)

ClaimIt™ also removes the overhead costs for researchers and participants of physical site visits (if desired) and brings the trial directly to the participant’s mobile device. This open-ended communication also allows the study team to be continually connected to study participants. The company says the result is robust data collection, increased compliance, faster time to completion and significant cost savings compared to traditional site-based trials.

“The future of this software is that it will march in step with the future of healthcare, especially digital health, digital medicines and the smart x of everything,” said Bryan Silverman, CEO of ObvioHealth. He said clinical studies assisted by ClaimIt™ will not struggle with the barriers currently troubling the clinical research industry by improving convenience for study subjects, enhancing compliance, lowering drop-out rates and accelerating data capture. The company says all of these factors will help reduce costs for study sponsors and create opportunities to leverage data captured from connected devices for clinical evaluation.

Silverman said ClaimIt founders Dr. Michael Shleifer and Ivan Jarry of ObvioHealth’s parent company SPRIM set out to make a significant contribution to research capabilities by making clinical trials faster, more cost effective and available to everyone. ClaimIt™ digitizes the entire clinical research process while complying with FDA Good Clinical Practices, supporting observational and interventional studies, and allowing integration with smartphones, connected devices, and real-time interactions with subjects. “This essentially empowers and enables patients who are typically silent. It becomes patient-centric and democratizes clinical trials,” Silverman said.

ObvioHealth CEO Bryan Silverman

(Photo courtesy of ObvioHealth)

Until now most clinical trials have been “slanted toward” those who live near a CRO, Silverman said, often sacrificing data collection from obscure or inaccessible areas. With ClaimIt™, he said, “There are no geographic boundaries, so I can go into very remote regions globally in China or Africa or India for research, or even in the U.S. into very poor neighborhoods. For decades, the clinical research industry has followed an archaic model, but now there’s a better option. Our mobile model challenges the industry to put patients first. ClaimIt™ allows study subjects to take part in important healthcare research from the comfort of their homes.”

Clinical research trials using ClaimIt™ are primarily conducted online,

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