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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: The Father Of Amelia’s Baby Is Finally Revealed


March 12, 2020 10:15PM EDT

Amelia got the test results back about her baby’s paternity during the March 12 episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ as Owen and Teddy’s relationship prepares to go up in flames.

Jo and Link have been helping each other take their minds off the Alex and Amelia drama. Jo’s even been staying with Link. They’re on Team Love Sucks right now, even scowling at a young couple making out in front of them. In a twist of fate, that couple ends up in the hospital after the guy gets electrocuted on the train tracks.

Meredith fills Amelia in about everything with Alex. Meredith doesn’t really want to talk about it that much. It’s still really fresh. When it comes to Link, Amelia is standing her ground. If Link can’t love her no matter who the father is, then they have nothing to talk about.

The awkwardness between Tom and Teddy is apparent at the hospital. Teddy has to tell someone and it ends up being Maggie. Maggie did not ask to be a part of this narrative. Owen notices that something’s up with Teddy and she spills the beans. “Amelia’s baby might be yours,” she says. Owen is stunned, to say the least. When she asks what will happen if Amelia’s baby is his, Owen takes a long pause. Teddy is devastated and walks away. Later, Teddy starts to vent about Amelia and Maggie has to give her a big reality check.

Tom calls up Meredith to help treat a billionaire. This billionaire could provide a lot of money to help the hospital and the doctors treat patients, so it appears Tom decides to lie and say that the billionaire has an aneurysm.

Teddy goes to Tom’s office and it’s clear she’s so conflicted. They end up having sex again. Teddy goes home and Owen apologizes about how he reacted earlier. He gives a big speech about how much he loves her and the guilt nearly eats Teddy alive.

Richard is getting increasingly frustrated but is still not telling Bailey about his Parkinson’s diagnosis. When he hands over his entire service, Bailey confronts him. He tells her that he

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