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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: DeLuca Is Suspended After A Tense Confrontation


March 19, 2020 10:17PM EDT

DeLuca’s behavior became more alarming during the March 20 episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and he was suspended by the end of the episode. Plus, Amelia told Teddy and Owen about the results of the paternity test.

It is Meredith’s pro bono surgery day and she’s ready to roll. She calls Jo because she’s late and knows Jo needs this after all the Alex drama. Before Jo gets up to go to work, she makes sure to take her wedding ring off. She’s Jo Karev no more!

When Amelia walks into the lounge, she announces to the world — Teddy and Owen included — that Link is the father of her baby. She apologizes for getting them involved in her baby daddy drama, even just a little bit. When Amelia runs into Link. she learns that he’s going to give up a decent gig to focus on being a dad. Swoon. Teddy tells Tom about Amelia’s baby and admits that this doesn’t change the way she feels about him. Tom knows there has to be a “but” to this. Unfortunately, Teddy isn’t able to finish their conversation.

DeLuca becomes increasingly suspicious of his patient’s aunt and eventually wants her investigated for human trafficking. He is absolutely convinced the woman is a threat to his patient. He tells Bailey about this but she doesn’t believe him. She begs him to go home and rest. To drive her message home, she takes him off the case. He doesn’t listen to her and goes back to his patient to take her up to a different part of the hospital and away from her aunt.

Once Meredith gets wind of what DeLuca’s been doing, she has Taryn tell him that his patient is not getting surgery. While everyone is hard at work, an alarm goes off in the hospital. DeLuca is flipping out and wants his patient’s aunt arrested for child trafficking. Bailey, Meredith, Carina, Richard, and Owen all surround him and form a human train around him. Bailey threatens his job. He begins to break down in tears. “

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