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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Richard’s Health Worsens & A Major Teddy Twist Is Revealed


March 26, 2020 10:18PM EDT

Richard’s big speech takes a devastating turn and a shocking part of Teddy’s past is explored during the March 26 episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’

A medical conference in Los Angeles reveals past relationships and explores a new one. Maggie and Richard meet up at a conference in Los Angeles. Hayes comes to the conference as well and brings his kids along to see family. This isn’t his first time at this hotel where the conference is being held. This is where he met his late wife. Maggie, Richard, and Hayes are joined by Teddy, who is grateful to get out of Seattle after all the drama.

When Richard is in his room, he gets a knock at his door. It’s Katherine! She apologizes to him and says she regrets her behavior. Richard reiterates by saying nothing happened with Gemma. “I know what I saw,” Katherine quips. Richard admits that something almost happened and Gemma did kiss him. He apologizes to Katherine for not telling her. She wants to fix things with him. Richard wants her to know that she can’t control him. Once they come to an agreement, they make up.

Maggie crosses paths with an old friend named Winston, who worked with her at Tufts. They have a steamy hookup and later have a heart-to-heart about what they’ve missed in their lives. They open up about the deaths of their mothers. Winston doesn’t waste any time telling Maggie that he’s fallen hard for her in just one night. Maggie feels the same way. They spend the night together, too! The next morning, Winston is ready to make it official. He wants her to come to Boston with him or he’ll move to Seattle. When you know, you know! Maggie needs a moment to think about this.

Hayes reflects about meeting his wife while hanging out with Teddy. Hayes’ wife was diagnosed with cancer and eventually succumbed to it. When a medical sales rep comes

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