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Hailey Baldwin Hugs & Smothers Justin Bieber In Kisses In Cute Quarantine Video – Watch


April 1, 2020 10:12AM EDT

Welcome to what feels like day 700 of quarantine! Justin Bieber posted an Instagram Live where he talked about kombucha and wife Hailey Baldwin smothered him in kisses.

Justin Bieber, 26, and the Live feature on Instagram are practically BFFs at this point. The Canadian hitmaker has been making the most of the app’s video feature while quarantined in Canada with his wife Hailey Baldwin, 23, and recently went live on March 31 to answer fan questions. During the clip, he discussed one polarizing beverage in particular: kombucha. “It looked like brown stuff in the bottom of the kombucha,” Justin yelled to Hailey off-camera. The “Yummy” crooner donned a purple hoodie and check-patterned beanie with ear flaps, as he read fan comments on the video and discussed them with his wife. “She said it’s called the mother,” he said to Hailey, as she walked on camera and wrapped her arms around her hubby. The supermodel donned a black tee and wore her sun-kissed tresses in a high ponytail as she smothered Justin in kisses.

“It’s called mother … mother f****r,” Justin continued, to which Hailey responded, “No, not that.” The blonde beauty walked out of frame but continued discussing the drink, “That what I thought, it was the fermentation,” she said in reference to the “brown stuff” Justin was puzzled by. Nevertheless, he declared it was “nice and tasty.” The singer also took to Instagram Live on March 30 — shirtless — and proceeded to serenade his viewers with “Changes.” It was an appropriate song to pe

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