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Halle Berry, Anne Hathaway, & More Stars Look Incredible On Instagram In Pillow Challenge Pics


April 24, 2020 2:04PM EDT

Let them entertain you — and show a little leg while they’re at it! This new Instagram trend has your fave stars getting inventive with their pillows and looking fabulous while doing it.

As shopping right now has been regulated to online, lots of folks are taking this time to revisit their closets to see what new styles they might have lurking around in there. Then again, others, like stars Halle Berry, Anne Hathaway, and Niecy Nash, have jumped on the bandwagon of a new selfie trend — the Pillow Challenge.

Near the start of folks quarantining, someone had the marvelous idea of stripping down, grabbing a pillow, and belting it onto their bodies as a spin on a new outfit. And thus, a new Instagram challenge was born! The appeal of the latest viral social media sensation is understandable: it’s simple, it’s sexy, and it’s sure has hell makes for an unforgettable selfie.

So, to help you get some inspiration for when you’re ready to try this trend for yourself, here are some of your favorite stars pulling of the look to perfection on their Insta accounts.

“You already KNOW you couldn’t keep me from the #PillowChallenge ,” wrote Oscar winner and style icon Halle Berry, as she struck a pose wearing nothing but a black pillow and some choice accessories to match.  See the bedazzled belt cinching the pillow in place? That gives the look a bit of pizzaz! And being outside amps up the sexiest of the pic. Something to think about — location, location, location!

“A Queen is never late; everyone else is simply early,” Anne Hathaway captioned her snap, taking this up a notch by adding a bit of nostalgia to her look. Not only did she color-coordinate her pillow to the art in her home, but she also busted out some headphones, sunglasses, and combat boots, paying homage in her accessories to her character from ‘The Princess Diaries’. Mia Thermopolis never looked so good!

Buffy in the buff — sort of! While Sarah Michelle Gellar kept her Pillow Challenge look classic with a simple, w

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