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YouTube Star Macy Kate Releases Debut EP ‘Cry For Help’: This Is A ‘Stepping Stone’ To My ‘Lifelong Dream’

Add ‘singing sensation’ to Macy Kate’s growing resume. The YouTube and reality star has dropped her debut EP, and she EXCLUSIVELY shares how this is ‘an introduction to me as an artist.’

Macy Kate has come a long way since St. Petersburg. The Florida native – who many might know from her wildly successful YouTube channel or her appearances on Fox’s The X Factor and ABC’s Rising Star – has just dropped her debut project, Cry For Help. During this time of self-quarantine and coronavirus, the EP might just be what the doctor ordered. A vibrant sonic tableau — including previously released singles “Cry For Help,” “Can’t Get Over Us,” “L.O.V.E. and “Real Thing” – Macy’s project details the story of her journey of the past year, including a devastating relationship and what it took for her to get back to loving herself again.

Following her appearances on X Factor and Rising Star, Macy headed west and headed online. Her YouTube channel blew up after she, like many modern music superstars, started posting weekly covers. Eventually, she caught the eye (or ear) of Flo Rida, who recruited to be on his tour as the lead female vocalist on tracks like “Wild Ones” and “My House.” Don’t expect to hear him on this project, though. In fact, there are no features on Macy’s EP.

“I wanted my first EP to be an introduction to me as an artist,” she tells HollywoodLife when asked about the absence of guest stars on the project. “Although I have released many songs and singles, I thought it was important to unfold myself on this EP in a way no one has seen before.” In addition to this, Macy tells HollywoodLife the part of her new EP that she’s most proud of, what it was like shooting her DIY video for “Real Thing, and what fans can expect next from her.

HollywoodLife: Though you’ve been dubbed a ‘YouTube sensation-turned-pop star,’ it seems music has always been a primary passion. Do you feel like this EP represents you finally achieving a lifelong dream?

Macy: I wouldn’t say I’m achieving my lifelong dream but definitely achieving a s

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