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Hailey Baldwin Admits She ‘Took A Huge Leap Of Faith’ By Reuniting With & Marrying Justin Bieber

Hailey Baldwin has revealed that it look a lot of ‘faith’ and ‘trust’ when finally reuniting with Justin Bieber. The model says that she knew if they got serious again, they’d end up getting married.

Hailey Baldwin always knew she’d end up with Justin Bieber! After a false start at dating in late 2015 and early 2016, she believed that if the two ever managed to find their way back together, that it would be for eternity.  The 23-year-old model shared how it took a “leap of faith” on her part to trust in the person the singer had become by 2018. Hailey sat down for an interview with host Natalie Manuel Lee for the Hillsong Channel prior to the coronavirus lockdown in mid-March. The segment aired on May 15, where Hailey admitted, “I think I always knew if we did ever work things out and get back together, it was going to be a situation where it was very serious and we were gonna get married or [it] was going to lead to that.”

“I didn’t necessarily know what the timeline was gonna be. I just trusted and I think [it] was such a huge leap of faith…and I just trusted the people that I knew [who] had watched me go through the whole journey with him, without him and then back together with him,” she continued. Their brief early romance ended in Feb. 2016 and they really didn’t speak again for two years. In that time apart, Justin went on a grueling world tour that he later ended up cancelling in the later stages due to complete and utter exhaustion. He then took time away from the spotlight to recover physically, spiritually and mentally before reuniting with Hailey in May 2018.

The stunning blonde continued, “I really was leaning on my parents, like, [saying], ‘If you think this is a bad idea…’ They just absolutely adore him. I think my mom kinda always felt, like, she knew that he was my person, even

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