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Kristin Davis Explains Exactly What Each Of The ‘SATC’ Women Would Be Doing In Quarantine

Charlotte, Miranda, Carrie, or Samantha? Kristin Davis totally nailed what each of the ‘SATC’ ladies would be like during quarantine, and picked who she’d rather live with. We’d do anything to see this episode!

How spotless do you think Charlotte York’s gorgeous house would be if coronavirus infected the Sex and the City version of Manhattan? Ask the woman herself! Kristin Davis delighted SATC fans when she appeared on the May 19 episode of The Talk and discussed that alternate reality. She didn’t hesitate for even a millisecond when the co-hosts asked her which character from the beloved HBO comedy she’d prefer to be quarantined with right now. “Charlotte for sure I would want to be quarantined, because she’d be prepared,” Kristin said of her own character, a notorious neat freak. “She would be stocked up for like six months. Everything would be very very clean. She would have all the Clorox wipes hoarded in her pantry. So I would definitely want to be with Charlotte for that element.”

Sure, Charlotte’s got the squeaky clean digs, but would quarantining with her be tolerable? If you’re looking to party while stuck at home, Kristin’s money is on getting shut in with Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall). “I think the most fun would probably be Samantha,” she

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