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Drake Bell Brings Back Totally Kyle From ‘The Amanda Show’ In Best ‘Wipe It Down’ Challenge Yet

From his… bathroom, it’s Totally Kyle! Drake Bell is the latest celebrity to do the ‘Wipe It Down’ challenge and decided to give us the ultimate throwback by reviving Totally Kyle from ‘The Amanda Show!’

Honestly, we didn’t know if we’d ever see Totally Kyle from The Amanda Show ever again after Drake’s recent revival. But Drake Bell, 33, knew we needed to. The singer and Drake & Josh alum posted his own version of TikTok’s “Wipe It Down” challenge, and it became instantly iconic. Drake surprised his fans by bringing back Totally Kyle for the challenge.

Drake went all-out for it — blonde wig and all. When Drake wipes the mirror and sees Totally Kyle, he immediately throws the towel and walks away. Come on, Totally Kyle. Stay awhile! Drake’s “Wipe It Down” challenge went viral and became a trending topic on Twitter. Fans went wild for Drake’s video. “okay but drake bell bringing back totally kyle has made my year,” one fan tweeted. Another wro

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