What Can You Expect From Housekeeping Company in Noida?

People who are working full-time face too many challenges in doing job and taking care of the house. It becomes difficult for them to cook and cleaning while keeping up with the children. To take care of the house and maintaining hygienic environment people hire maid or servants. But, it is also difficult for the servants to deep clean the home. And at today’s time disinfecting your house is very much important for you and your family. Well, disinfecting service in Noida can be expensive for you so you can hire housekeeping service. But, before you start looking for best housekeeper in Noida, you will have to understand what types of duties a housekeeper generally performs. 

Read the below to know the basic different between housekeeping service and house cleaning service to hire the right person for your home. 

Housekeeper is different from house cleaners 

Yes, you read it right. Housekeeping and house cleaning are not exactly the same thing. Though they sound similar, but there are distinctions between these two. The main difference between housekeeper and house cleaner is the frequency of visits.

Housekeeper often visits your home, depending on your requirement and it is you who provide her the cleaning products to do her job. While as a home cleaner visits your home when you want them to do bigger job such as deep home cleaning service in Noida. They will bring their own cleaners and other equipment to do the job. 

Here’s know what you can expect from your housekeeper

From dusting to vacuuming, mopping the floors in all rooms and cleaning the living areas are the things done by the housekeepers. Here’s the list of the general duties of a housekeeper: – 

  • Cleaning bathroom
  • Cleaning kitchen include wiping down sinks, cabinet doors, appliances, counters, etc. 
  • Washing and drying dishes 
  • Cleaning interior Windows use
  • Changing bed linens and making the beds
  • Tidying up the rooms including organizing things
  • Removing garbage 

These are the things a housekeeper does at your house. If you want your housekeeper to do something else then specify this on your list and inform the housekeeper, because many does not provide the service. 

Duties you cannot expect from a housekeeper to perform 

There are many things that you cannot expect from your housekeeper to perform, including the things that are not in their area of expertise or can put them in danger. So, let’s know what your housekeeper cannot do: – 

Deep cleaning, for this you will have to hire professional deep cleaning professionals in Noida.

  • Child care
  • Cleaning up human waste
  • Lift heavy objects

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