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The New Regime Explains How ‘Heart Mind Body & Soul’ Album Is The ‘Obvious Evolution’ Of Their Sound

After releasing their new album in segments, The New Regime’s ‘Heart Mind Body & Soul’ has come together, and the band talks EXCLUSIVELY with us about creating this exciting new experience.

Is it possible to love an album with your entire Heart Mind Body & Soul? That was the question asked of The New Regime‘s fans when the band released its new album, and the answer was a resounding, “YES.” First shared as segments over the course of six months, Heart Mind Body & Soul came together on Mar. 6 to provide 16 tracks of modern rock glory. Anchored by a title track that gets the heart pumping and the body moving, Heart Mind Body & Soul showcases the band’s evolution as they shift between moods, genres, and concepts over the album’s runtime. The band recently released the John David Moffat-created lyric video for “A Sweet Kind of Suffering,” a track Ilan Rubin, the mastermind behind The New Regine, describes the song about flipping “the weight of isolation…and learning to appreciate it” as “a mantra, of sorts.”

“The thing is that the album was written as an album and then divided into these EPs,” Ilan says EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife when discussing this project. “So, I then had to think about how the songs were going to live amongst themselves in this format of four tracks apiece, and then in the whole of 16. So, when the entire album is out, everything is going to be reformatted and re-sequenced, so it’ll just have a different arc if you were to listen to it as an entire album from track one to 16, but when it came to four songs at a time I kind of had to find the four tracks that best complemented each other. To answer the question in terms of why the third one is a bit more rock, we knew that the song ‘Heart Mind Body and Soul’ was going to be on that one, so what were the best ones to complement it?”

Ilan Rubin of The New Regime (Paige Kindlick)

As the names imply, the songs on Mind were meant to provide a more intellectual listening experience, while the tracks on Heart were more emotional, whereas Body was meant to get you to move. “With each one of these releases, we knew what would be the main track, or the focus track, if you will, and then which best supported that song. That’s kind of how it was constructed, in terms of this will be the first song that comes out, this will be the next one, and so on and so forth. It’s odd how it kind of worked out, because it’s not like I had this all-encompassing sort of theme going on in terms of writing it, but I happened to write a lot. I’m fairly prolific when I’m in the mode to write music,

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