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Sean Lowe Is ‘Optimistic’ Bachelor Franchise Will Cast More Minorities Going Forward: It Needs To ‘Reflect America’

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June 17, 2020 10:00AM EDT

Following ‘The Bachelor’ casting their first black lead, Sean Lowe spoke to HL about how he thinks the franchise can continue to be more inclusive.

Sean Lowe‘s wife, Catherine Giudici publicly reflected on being a woman of color on The Bachelor and believing she was filling a ‘quota’ on the show. Sean, in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife, revealed that what his future wife didn’t realize was that he had dated women of all different races before the show and he fell in love with her almost the second he laid eyes on her.

“Obviously, the franchise has been under this type of pressure for a long time and we’re proud they finally made the decision to get a black Bachelor,” Sean said of the recent decision to name Matt James the next Bachelor. “I know a lot of a lot of people will say it could have happened sooner, and that’s a fair point. But it’s better now than never, so I’m excited.”


In response to comments that this move by ABC and the franchise was just a ‘band-aid’ to quick solve their ongoing diversity problem, Sean said he’s “optimistic” that the show will continue on this path of progress. “I don’t know the thoughts and conversations that are going on with the production teambut this is a good start,” he explained. “I’m optimistic that it will be. And, hopefully, more seasons contain more minority cast members and hopefully reflect America more genuinely going forward.”

When it comes to his home life with a newborn daughter and t

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