Your Ultimate Guide To Mortal Kombat 11’s Friendship

Not everything is to be handled with rage. The newest feature of Friendship at the end of the MK11 battle will help you prevent bloodshed and shake hands with the opponent. What’s sad? The absurd endings.

What’s, Why’s And How’s

The creators did not stop after adding an additional chapter in the story. Realizing the importance of positive messages, Mk11 Aftermath DLC brings to you a golden chance of Friendships. Through this freshly added concept, every character will be given access to this feature wherein s/he can halt the gameplay by being “friends.” A positive note will display on the screens and will prevent anyone from dying further. The new concept has brought a new element in the world of present-day gaming, a peaceful ending among all the violence.

A Friendship refers to a finishing move that was first seen in Mortal Kombat II. It was rolled out as a response to the public outrage concerning the gruesome Fatality finishing moves present in the original game.

Alert! The good news is that it is hyped that the Friendship concept will be available in a free update for all the MK11 users in the near future. But for now, we have a total of 5 friendships only.

History And Evolution Of Friendships In MK

The concept took birth in 1993 in Mortal Kombat II. At this time, it wasn’t very easy to go with the game flow. You could only use High or Low kicks in the final round.

Then, in Mortal Kombat III, Friendships came with a condition. The condition was that it could be used only if you won without clicking the Block button in any of your winning matches. Friendships changed drastically in the years forward.

The Final Note

Today, many are excited about the Friendship mechanism. It is often appreciated to give a message of peace over unnecessary violence. However, not all the beans are spilled yet. Confusion is clouding around the usage of the mechanism in the game. Netherrealm has kept it secret till now. It is assumed that the feature will be a part of the Krypt. Also, it is possible that other extra-win conditions will accompany the feature, just like the game did in MK2.

The Friendship feature isn’t new to the gameplay. However, major interesting twists are expected. Looking forward to many more surprises from Mortal Kombat 11. (Multiple star-eyed emojis expected!)



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