Characters of Gossip Girl & Their Disney Counterparts

Affluent characters on the Upper East Side such as Serena Van Der Woodsen, Blair Waldorf, Dan Humphrey, Chuck Bass, and Nate Archibald spent their time attending private parties, dressing up for glamorous events, going to school if time allows and receiving blasts from Gossip Girl.

On the other hand, in the Disney world, there are lovely princesses, noble heroes, and vicious villains, in animated fairy tale movies. Soft Disney characters and glamorously manipulative characters of Gossip Girl might seem different but there are unusual similarities. So, here we are, presenting: Gossip Girl characters and their Disney counterparts!

Serena Van Der Woodsen and Aurora

To no surprise, Serena is in high demand because of her killer looks. She is charismatic and free-spirited but catches a lot of hate. She tries half as hard, still is twice as alluring as other girls in town.

Already in her dream world, she is the most relatable with Aurora from Sleeping Beauty; this Disney princess is a classic, she is always kind and spreading joy around. Aurora also has those beautiful, long, golden locks like Serena.

Blair Waldorf and Marie 

Blair Waldorf, Queen B is as bossy as she can be. She is beautiful and loves designer clothes. She is an overachiever and does not let anyone take away her influence.

Similarly, we have Marie from The Aristocats. A highly feminine kitten wearing her cute pink bow is the Duchess’ only girl, and she likes to think that she has the strings for the world.

Don’t you think this clever little cat sounds like Blair herself?

Dan Humphrey & The Beast 

Dan Humphrey’s Disney counterpart has to be the prince from Beauty and the Beast. To start with, they both had two sides to them. To elaborate, Dan was actually Gossip Girl, and The Beast prince was actually cursed.

Though they both are, undoubtedly, very kind and loving souls. Secondly, have a look at that library in that castle, for once, it will be the dreamland for Dan.

Chuck Bass & Gaston 

Sleazy, selfish, and manipulative, that is Chuck Bass. But soon he unveils his softer side and gets happy ever after.

Back in the days, when he was suffering, trying to impress his father and make a name for himself; he was not that nice to anyone around him.

This old Chuck is just just like the antagonist Gaston from Beauty and The Beast. He also has this strong, handsome, and influential presence with messed up priorities.

Nate Archibald & Flynn Rider

 Nate Archibald can be very easily imagined as Flynn Rider from Tangled. Both of these characters are quite handsome but they are not the brightest bulbs.

 These boys have sensitive and caring sides, keeping aside the rare rebellious behavior.

Georgina Sparks & Cruella De Vil 

Serena’s frenemy Georgina is conniving and ruthless. She never thought twice before planting drugs or making fake identities to gain control over Upper East Siders.

Her egotistical ways have all the makings of an evil genius and have the potential to leave behind Cruella De Vil.

Jenny Humphrey & Tinker Bell

The insecure and social climber Jenny tries her best to win among the rich girls. Her wants for designer labeled clothes made her take up an internship at Blair’s mom’s company. She loses her way in the process, but she is still a nice Brooklyn girl deep down.

This could be very much connected to Tinker Bell; Peter Pan’s right-hand woman, but can be selfish and arrogant, and rude!

Dorota Kishlovsky & Merryweather

With minimum presence and reference on the show, Dorota Kishlovsky is like a mother and a best friend to Blair. Although she shows up very rarely, she has always been there to pamper and nurture Blair, just like Merryweather, a fairy who is always there for Sleeping Beauty.

We hope you enjoyed this amalgamation of Gossip Girl-Disney world.

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