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A blog is more like a diary-style entry where the blogger or the writer shares their knowledge with like-minded people or someone interested in learning new things. In the past decade, blogging sites have come a long way to build a creative path between the blogger and the reader. Everything is managed on these websites, from engagement to strategies to analytics. And, based on the services you use, these blogging site subscription plans can cost quite a lot sometimes. The blogging websites’ plans are great for someone with a larger audience or have a good monthly budget to spend.

But for those starting on this new journey, free web blogging websites have got you covered. You might have to do thorough research to find your best match because there are plenty of free service providers on the internet. But, in the list below, we have found you the best of all, which will save you a lot of time and effort. Use any of the following for a great start:


WordPress has proven to be one of the best online solutions for blogs, websites, domains, and more, over these years. As a beginner, it is a great platform to start. You can sign up for free and connect your email. You can either use your domain (that you might already have) or start from scratch and get a WordPress domain. It has a built‑in SEO, social media integration, and sharing features, and using their high‑traffic network; you can reach new readers. You are free to customize the website design, get domain registration, automatic software updates, and secure hosting on servers. You can also check your blog’s activity with website statistics.


Blogger is an official blogging website offered by Google. You can customize the template, background image, color, and draw your own blog page design. Blogger offers a free domain name, or you can purchase a customized domain name. Its integration with Google AdSense displays targeted ads on your blog so that you get paid for your hard work. With the built-in analytics, you can check where your audience comes from and what their interests are. Connect your blog with Google Analytics to get a detailed analysis.


Wix brings you over 500 designer-made templates. The drag & drop feature lets you change, customize, and add anything you want on your website. Wix makes sure that your website looks fantastic on every screen with its mobile-friendly version. You get a personalized domain to match your business and brand. With the free subscription, you can only transfer 500MB of data per month, and you get 500MB storage as well.


Weebly features a Drag & Drop editor that allows you to bring your website together. You get to customize the template and add links, images, maps, etc. to your content. You can position your content in any direction. It is easy to use and customize, but it doesn’t have as many template options as others do. Weebly will make your post look organized and maintain a clean look. It includes page breaks, picture frames, text boxes, and more. You can also connect it with Google Analytics to know your audience better. However, you are limited to post 500MB of content a month only.

Choose either of these to get a professional yet personalized blog ready in minutes. It might take time for you to learn to customize everything, as it tends to get complicated and overwhelming for beginners.

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