Apple TV 2020: Everything You Need to Know

Apple devices have never failed to amaze us every time it launches a new device. Each new device comes up with new technology that inclines its customers towards them. Not only this, but it keeps releasing updates for its devices to enhance its performance.

Apple TV platforms and applications were introduced in 2019 by the headquarters of Apple, Cupertino. Apple bought TV apps for smart televisions, Fire TV, Roku, and other devices for the very first time. Now, the company is looking forward to releasing a sixth-generation Apple TV before this year ends. Are you keen to know more about the new device launch? Here’s everything we know, so read along!

Everyone’s aware that the fifth-generation Apple TV came out in 2017, named Apple TV 4K. The previous device keeps up with HDR10, 2160p output, Dolby Vision, and a lot more. A new technology, Dolby Atmos Support, adjoined tvOS 12, which was released in 2018.

The fourth-generation Apple TV was the first device to introduce the App Store. Not only this, but it also features a 64-bit Apple A8 processor and holds up with Dolby Digital Plus audio. As the older device surprised the audience with its tech, now it is leading to huge expectations from the new Apple set-top box.

During these past few months, the new iPhone series 12 stole all the attention, and anyone’s hardly talking about this amazing device Apple is likely to introduce before 2020 ends. The new device will make advancements to its processor along with an upgraded Siri Remote.

Apple made huge changes to its devices in 2020, including macOS and iOS. However, the new update of tvOS 14 doesn’t have much in its store regarding the features. The new update will offer multi-user Apple Arcade Support, up-to-date HomeKit integration, and 4K video sharing directly from the Photos app. Some other minor changes, including AirPods audio sharing, Xbox Elite 2, YouTube in 4k, etc, can be a part. There is no hesitation mentioning that a rapid processor will improve the performance and work better with the new features.

A survey from Strategy Analytics depicts that only two percent of the streaming device market is represented by Apple TV and tvOS. Also, Apple understands that a physical TV might not have a future, while an application that works on multiple platforms can be.

Competing with other latest devices like Nintendo, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, etc, is going to be a great challenge for the company. Thus, inclining the need for Apple TV towards more of a gaming console along with all the old features untouched will play a huge role in expanding the market.

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