John David Washington and Zendaya Starrer ‘Malcolm & Marie’ Will Soon Arrive on Netflix

It looks like Netflix have escalated their incursion on independent original films and are endeavoring to sweep it all in order to have an edge above their competitors. After acquiring the Venice film “Pieces of a Woman,” starring Vanessa Kirby, they have roped in John David Washington and Zendaya starrer “Malcolm & Marie’ for global distribution in a massive $30 million deal.

Netflix has made its presence felt at film festivals of Toronto and Venice. They are getting deals done without breaking a sweat. The streaming giant has already signed a pact for Halle Berry’s directorial debut “Bruised” in a $20 million deal along with Vanessa Kirby and Shia LaBeouf starrer family drama “Pieces of a Woman” (which is already garnering heaps of praise for its compassionate story and brilliant performances by Kirby and LaBeouf).

Another independent film that has found its way into the pockets of Netflix is Sam Levinson’s directorial venture ‘Malcolm & Marie’ starring John David Washington as a filmmaker and Zendaya as his mistress. The story follows the characters played by the duo as they return home after watching a movie. The revelation about their past relationships doesn’t go well and ultimately tests their bonding. It was hard work to get the film shot in the middle of a pandemic as the production labored hard to get the sets ‘positive-free’, which was essential to get the approval from guilds like DGA, WGA, and SAG-AFTRA.

Sam Levinson’s other renowned directorial work is the HBO series “Euphoria.” He played a significant role in the production of ‘Malcolm & Marie’; after penning the script, he produced the film apart from steering the wheel behind the camera. It was a high-budgeted film premiering at film festivals considering all the independent cinema, yet the commercial efforts of the film remain low despite the presence of big stars.

‘Malcolm & Marie’ also had other keen eyes looking for it, which included the likes of HBO and Amazon. However, Netflix was successful in the deal with a $30 million operation.

‘Deadline’ has been credited as the first news outlet to report the completion of the deal.

Levinson made a statement expressing gratitude for the entire production team, who showed tenacity and courage during the unprecedented times and helped him finish the film. Levinson called the production team his “Euphoria” family and said that the film was made with care and love. He also enthused about the deal with Netflix and hailed them by calling them a platform that is “unparalleled” in giving creative freedom to filmmakers and works as a trustworthy mediator between filmmakers and the audience.

Little Lamb Productions produced the film with Kevin Turner and Ashley Levinson as its representatives.

The two dealers, Endeavor Content and CAA, who worked individually in the negotiation of “Bruised” and “Pieces of a Woman,” came together in getting this deal done for Netflix. Endeavor Content helped the streaming giant bag “Bruised” while CAA aided it in gaining ownership of “Pieces of a Woman.”

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