"Cheap Hatchback, Abundant Features", Know the Following 2 Reasons Before Buying the Wuling Baojun 310!

Rumors have been heard that the Hatchback series car from China, Wuling Baojun 310, will begin to enter the car market in Indonesia. It was first launched in 2016 at the Beijing Auto Show and began to be widely produced in September 2016. The Baojun 310 has a place in the hearts of its enthusiasts even though the production figure of this car is arguably small because this one car is categorized as a small car. There are rumors that if the Baojun 310 enters Indonesia it will be the cheapest Hatchback series car in its class, only with a price range of Rp. 80 million to Rp. 115 million (Converted price) You can own this Wuling Baojun 310.

In the following, we include a table of specifications from Wuling Baojun 310 that might help you make a choice, whether you have this unit or not.

The Wuling Baojun 310 is a Hatchback type car but with a pocket-friendly LCGC (Low Cost Green Car) price. Stay tuned – gadang will be the cheapest car in its class with all the features and supporting aspects that are quite complete and also modern, equipped with a fairly simple and powerful engine but still fuel efficient so that this car feels perfect in the hearts of its enthusiasts. Baojun 310 has its own charm from all aspects, starting from its unique exterior, futuristic interior, to quite complete supporting features. No wonder this car has a lot of enthusiasts who determine even though it has not been officially launched in Indonesia.

Originally, the Baojun 310 unit had quite a few regular fans, even though production statistics showed that the numbers were not too big. Putting that aside, the decision of the manufacturer Wuling Baojun 310 to penetrate the Indonesian car market was the right decision, because more and more Hatchback-type cars are in demand among the people in Indonesia. Will the Baojun 310 be able to expand its wings in the Indonesian car market armed with a simple unit at an affordable price but have a myriad of advantages? It depends on you as a consumer who determines when this car has been officially launched in Indonesia

Before determining that, here we will also provide several reasons that you can make additional information before finally deciding, to buy the Wuling Baojun 310 unit when it is officially launched in Indonesia. Hopefully some of the reasons below help.

The Reason Why You Should Buy Wuling Baojun 310

In this segment, we will include several reasons why you should buy this unit.

1. Simple And Modern Hatchback Design

When we discuss the design of this car, of course, it is very simple and modern. The exterior design which is quite distinctive for the Baojun 310 is a strong body, a firm body profile, and also a U-shaped lower grille which is the hallmark of this Baojun 310. By highlighting the practical and dynamic aspects of the Baojun 310, it is able to provide an exterior design that is not only stunning to the eye, but also able to make this car look simple and give a modern impression. Not to forget, this Baojun 310 car is equipped with a Sunroof which gives you a driving experience that is different from the others.

After discussing the exterior, it's not “afdol” if we don't discuss the interior of the cabin or the interior of the Baojun 310. The simple cabin combined with an elegant design can give you comfort while you drive with this car. Adorned with a dynamic black stripe combined with chrome accents, this cabin gives an elegant impression. Modern headunit with various features that are always ready for you while driving. And also the Seat Adjuster, which is quite flexible, makes it easy for you to adjust the use of a chair according to your needs.

2. Cars with a myriad of features but still affordable prices

After knowing the estimated cost required to have the Wuling Baojun 310 unit which is quite affordable, combined with a myriad of features that are very useful for motorists, it seems that Baojun 310 is able to arouse the interest of the Indonesian people. In addition to the many features of this car, the Baojun 310 is also unique with its distinctive eye-catching exterior, giving it an elegant and luxurious impression, but who would have thought that the price paid was still affordable. So this car is suitable for those of you who want to drive in style but at a low price.

Who is not interested in the low price, but still gets all the aspects that make this car classy among its competitors. This is also likely to affect the taxes that must be paid, because the Baojun 310 is included in the small car category, which in fact is quite cheap. Making this car perfect for people who have a small budget but want to own a car with a myriad of features and aspects.


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Written by Judith Barsi
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